Friday, September 8, 2017

MIC IP starlight 7000 HD on Display at 2017 Power Grid Resilience Summit

At the 2017 Power Grid Resilience Summit, September 18-20 in San Diego, a design, build, master integration custom solutions provider The Security Oracle, Inc. (TSO), will display a MIC IP starlight 7000 HD ruggedized PTZ camera as a part of a suite of technology that comprises its Remotely Controlled Active Denial System (RCADS), the only third-party validated physical protection system that can actually protect NERC CIP-014 regulated electric power transmission sites.

In 2014, TSO presented this scalable, turnkey Non-Lethal Threat-Based Systems Approach to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and Edison Electric Institute (EEI) in Washington, DC. This Threat-Based Systems Approach transforms current passive grid security into an affordable active denial physical protection system that will ‘Protect Against Attacks’ as required by FERC Order 802.
“RCADS is a disruptive robotic platform move that empowers organizations to dynamically reconfigure access control and emergency communications systems to adapt to new security threats in sub-second response time and address all applicable NERC CIP regulatory physical security requirements,” said former EEI Security Committee Member Charles Butler, CPP, CEO of The Security Oracle. “TSO promotes defense-in-depth best practices for protecting critical assets and transforms physical security from passive detection to real-time situational awareness and accelerated response to demobilize intruders in seconds with non-lethal actuators that include directed high intensity sound, lights, and strobes.” 
“The MIC IP starlight 7000 HD ruggedized PTZ was specifically selected for this mission,” said Lloyd Uliana, Business Development Engineer for Bosch. “Gathering data from multiple sensors, such as gunshot and radar, TSO’s artificial intelligence enables  multiple MIC IP cameras to simultaneously track one or more intruders on a prioritized basis from multiple angles, while automatically maintaining an optimal level of surveillance. The proven use of MIC IP starlight 7000 HD cameras in extreme operational environments also makes them the ideal imaging platform for critical infrastructure in high risk environments.”
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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Bosch at ASIS: See How You’ll Benefit from our New Products and Integrated Solutions

Visit the Bosch booth #3333 at ASIS 2017 to see our integrated security solutions that include intrusion detection, access control, video surveillance and monitoring, and audio communication!

We're showing how to:
  • Increase facility security and automate functions for easy operation
  • Protect sensitive areas with video analytics, dual authentication and audio announcements
  • Use the Bosch Video Management System for enterprise-wide control of video and security devices
  • Trigger and execute audio announcements based on fire or security events
  • Enhance security around the clock through remote video monitoring services
Experience the benefits of an integrated system and get details on our latest products and services, including:
And learn how our products integrate with a range of security software solutions from other industry providers.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Bosch Solution for Protection of ATM Vestibules

One of the nation’s largest financial services companies recently sought a solution to track and deter people from loitering in its ATM vestibules. The solution needed to enable monitoring center personnel to be alerted to loitering and to view video remotely to verify the alarm. 

The Solution
FLEXIDOME IP starlight 7000 VR cameras are now installed in ATM vestibules at more than 25 branches throughout the southeastern United States. The cameras are equipped with on-board  Intelligent Video Analytics as standard and are programmed to alert to a person who enters and remains in the vestibule for longer than a pre-defined time.

Analytic alerts are received by the company’s digital recording solution, which notify monitoring center personnel of an event. The operator can then view live and recorded video from the camera to determine if a person is continuing to loiter, requiring action.

FLEXIDOME IP starlight 7000 VR cameras deliver high quality images of the ATM vestibules, while the built-in Intelligent Video Analytics provides reliable and accurate detection of a person loitering.

Following a successful pilot test, Bosch cameras with on-board video analytics have become the standard solution for improved ATM vestibule security at the company.

Monday, August 28, 2017

New Members of the Sales Team in Canada

Don Maxey
We have appointed two new associates to expand our inside sales and application design teams in Canada. With these appointments, we aim to provide enhanced support for customers of Bosch security products and for customers of Sony video security products in the country.

Don Maxey, Application Design Specialist, joins the Bosch team with 18 years of experience in security system sales, design and project management. His role is to support Bosch security integrators and distributors in Ontario in their efforts to win new business using Bosch products and solutions.

Wisam Abou-Diab, Inside Sales Representative, has joined the company to provide support to Bosch monitoring center partners in Canada. In addition, he will assist the field-based Sony team as they work with Sony customers of video security products in Canada. 
“We are continuing to expand in Canada to provide customers with the support they need to achieve growth using our products and solutions,” said Jacquelyn Davies, Vice President of Sales – Canada, Bosch Security Systems. “This strategy is strengthening our relationships with channel partners and is an essential part of our customer-first culture.”
Wisam Abou-Diab
“Extending inside sales support in Canada to include Sony video security products will help our customers stay informed about and benefit from our latest imaging advancements,” said Kelly Priest, Vice President Americas for the Sony Video Security Business Unit. “With this additional investment, we are expanding our reach in this important market.”
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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Turn Intrusion Panels into Hubs to Meet Customer Needs

When customers come looking for a way to protect a facility against intruders, they may be thinking of an intrusion system with motion, glass break and possibly beam detectors. Their questions may focus only on costs and basic capabilities, so it is up to the integrator to educate them on the comprehensive solutions that are available.

Customers understand their basic needs, but they look to the integrator for the best way to address these requirements. If they come with a specific system in mind, ask a few probing questions to get them thinking about their needs in a new way.

Explain how the intrusion control panel can act as the hub that enables integration of other technologies for a system that addresses their security concerns while reducing cost and complexity. Integrating additional technology with the intrusion system provides a customized solution.

Combine Systems
Systems that integrate intrusion, fire, and access can provide significant value and convenience. The system can automatically disarm when an access door is opened, or lock the doors when the system is armed. If a fire alarm occurs, the doors can unlock to allow for fast access by first responders. Users benefit from easy operation with only one system to learn, while gaining a lower cost of ownership.

Monitor for Business Efficiency
Using the intrusion system to monitor doors and hatches, or even refrigerators/freezers and more, when the system is disarmed allows it to expand beyond security to help users better manage their businesses. The system can be programmed to allow normal use, but ensure that a door is returned to normal by activating a local alert or sending a report if it has been open too long. Flexible delays can be programmed to reduce the chance of a nuisance activation, while still maintaining the desired security. This can be used to alert that a loading dock door is still open after a delivery is completed, helping to reduce HVAC costs and prevent unsecured doors during business hours. Monitoring roof hatches can reduce risk of damage from adverse weather conditions if a hatch is inadvertently left open. With refrigerators/freezers, it can alert retail store or restaurant personnel if equipment is malfunctioning, preventing loss of perishable goods.

Integrate Video
Video can provide situational awareness when control panel events occur. Tampering with a motion detector causes the intrusion system to trigger a nearby camera to send a video snapshot via email or text to facility or security personnel. 

Cameras equipped with video analytics can also initiate intrusion system events when pre-defined alarms are triggered. An analytic alert can fault a point on the system’s control panel, which prompts the panel to communicate the alarm to the central station or to send a video snapshot to the user. This helps to alert to potential risks before or as they occur—such as detecting a perimeter breach after hours.

Integrating intrusion detection and access control technologies within the video management system gives users centralized control of security and video devices and doors. This increases efficiency and simplifies system operation.

Keep Watch Remotely
Combine these technologies with services that enable the monitoring center to intervene at the time of a security risk, and you have a powerful deterrent that may prevent damage and theft. Video monitoring services can enable an operator to intervene with audio. Once an alarm is transmitted to the monitoring center and verified through video images, the operator can take immediate action with audio intervention using a nearby camera that is equipped with a loudspeaker. If intruders are warned that they are on camera and that the local authorities have been contacted, they may leave the area.

Amp it up with Audio

Audio integration is also beneficial for initiating pre-recorded messages based on security events. For example, activating an emergency pull station or pressing a wireless panic button can trigger a public address system to play emergency instructions through a loudspeaker and notify facility personnel through two-way radios.

Add Automation

Adding in automation capabilities enables control of other connected systems, such as lighting, heating, cooling, and more from a smartphone or tablet for effortless home or business control. Integrators can program manual, scheduled, or location-based “scenes” that fit the customer’s needs. For example, the user can lock doors, arm the security system, turn off interior lights and adjust the thermostat by selecting Away on a smart phone app.

The examples described here demonstrate the many ways to increase security and make systems easier to use – providing customers with solutions that meet their needs in ways they may not have known were possible. With this achieved, the integrator becomes a trusted partner and advisor, which helps to establish a valuable long-term relationship.

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Friday, June 30, 2017

Get Easy Access to Training

Our new center in Ontario, California, provides easy
access to hands-on training for customers on the West Coast.
Did you know Bosch has six training centers across the nation to make it easy for you to get trained and certified on our products?

Our newest location in Ontario, California opened this spring and will host trainings on the Bosch Video Management System, B and G Series Control Panels, and on our communications systems throughout the summer and fall.

You can also find these and other courses at our training facilities in Burnsville, MN, Fairport, NY, Greenville, SC, Lancaster, PA, and Lincoln, NE.

Find a course schedule and descriptions at