Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Check out Bosch at TEC 2014 by PSA Next Month

We're looking forward to TEC 2014 by PSA in May! We’re training on our DIVAR IP Video Management Solutions and Intelligent Video Analysis. We're also participating in two panel sessions on emerging technology trends and the convergence of cyber and physical security. 

Check out the schedule at

Thursday, April 10, 2014

New DINION IP imager 9000 HD Camera

The new DINION IP imager 9000 HD camera is designed for perimeter protection and the surveillance of critical infrastructures, such as power plants and water treatment facilities. These types of applications require robust and reliable IP video surveillance solutions that proactively guard the property’s fences day and night, regardless of weather and lighting conditions. The DINION IP imager 9000 HD has an extremely rugged design and built-in active infrared lighting to withstand harsh weather conditions and penetrate darkness. Its unique features ensure that relevant objects of interest are captured with the highest level of detail possible, regardless of harsh backlight or front light, using intelligent Auto Exposure. At the same time, intelligent Dynamic Image Noise Reduction (iDNR) maintains the lowest possible network burden by significantly reducing data bit rates and storage requirements.

Lighting conditions along perimeters change throughout the day due to variations in sunlight and the presence of other illuminated objects in the scene. The intelligent Auto Exposure feature (iAE) overcomes this challenge by automatically adjusting the camera’s settings to increase the dynamic range of the camera. As a result, iAE ensures that moving objects or those of interest are enhanced and can be easily identified. At night, the camera’s built-in active infrared lighting offers additional assistance, allowing objects up to 120 meters away to be detected even in complete darkness (0 lux). Overall, the DINION IP imager 9000 HD ensures that all relevant details are captured in highest quality thanks to this unique technology and full HD 1080p resolution.

The integrated Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) package proactively supports security guards in focusing their attention on relevant incidents when something or someone breaches pre-defined alarm rules, which can be set by the user. IVA is also ideal for helping secure unmanned facilities, such as pipelines. The camera continuously analyses the scene and automatically triggers alarms should one or more pre-defined rules be breached. In order to minimize the risk of false alarms, up to eight different IVA alarm rules can be combined and are active at the same time to provide a robust video surveillance solution. Security guards are notified when certain situations need their attention regardless of where they are, as IVA alerts can also be sent to mobile devices. Another advantage of IVA is that it adds sense and structure to IP video material in the form of metadata, allowing users to quickly and easily find relevant evidence among hours of recorded video.

An ever-increasing need for image detail and in turn higher resolution, leads to a continuously growing amount of video data. As a result, IT infrastructures are often stretched to their maximum and system costs driven by data transmission and storage cost increase substantially. Consequently, cameras’ bit rates need to be managed and optimized to ensure a minimum of network burden and storage costs. As with all other Bosch IP cameras, the DINION IP imager 9000 HD is equipped with intelligent Dynamic Image Noise Reduction (iDNR). iDNR continuously analyses the content of the scene, dynamically adjusting the bit rate depending on the amount of movement. In average scenes, this saves up to 30 percent on bit rate and thus storage requirements, while equally reducing network strain. The camera also has the capability to temporarily store data and decide through its embedded intelligence when data streams should be sent through the network to the recording unit, checking always for free network capacities.

The entire Bosch IP portfolio is designed to seamlessly integrate with software and recording solutions from Bosch and other vendors. Third-party integration is ensured by the ONVIF conformity of all Bosch IP cameras, as well as by the Integration Partner Program (IPP), which simplifies the interoperability of video surveillance products. The IPP portal provides access to a comprehensive library of software development tools, services, and information about compatible software and products. More information is available from:

For more information on the DINION IP imager 9000 HD, visit

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Check out Bosch at ISC West!

If you're headed to ISC West next week, be sure to check out all that Bosch has to offer!

Interactive Demos - Booth #14051
See how our intelligent products benefit you through reduced costs, new revenue opportunities and unique features for safety and security. We're showing:
  • Bit rate-saving technology for reducing video system costs
  • Best HD images in difficult lighting situations
  • Deeper video integrations with our strategic partners
  • Enhanced intrusion control with integrated IP video
And, there's much more for video, intrusion, access control, fire detection and critical communications!

Register free for the ISC West exhibit hall to test out our new technology solutions and discuss your needs with our product experts. Register at

FREE Breakfast Sessions

IP Video: What's Next?
Explore new market developments, future technology trends and Bosch solutions important for your business
Wednesday, April 2
9-10 am
Venetian Ballroom H

Interactive Intrusion Services
Learn how the latest technology can help you grow your business and protect your recurring monthly revenue.
Thursday, April 3
9-10 am
Venetian Ballroom H

Afternoon Session

Managing Video Data with Intelligent Systems
Bosch and Milestone Systems discuss how intelligent systems improve situational awareness and operator efficiency while lowering costs.
Wednesday, April 2
1-1:45 pm
Venetian Ballroom H
Register at

Evening Events

Happy Hour
Have a drink on us and see what happens at the Bosch booth "after hours"!
Wednesday, April 2
5-6 pm
Bosch booth #14051

You Rock! Customer Event
Eat, drink, and relax! Catch a live show by the Bosch band, The Magneatos, or sign up to rock out on stage as a guest performer!
Thursday, April 3
Food, drinks and music start at 5:00 pm
Venetian Ballrooms  G  H  & I   
Enter at G

Register for the Bosch events at

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

MG Squared to Demonstrate MIC Series Integration at ISC West

At ISC West 2014, MG Squared will demonstrate the integration of its Lowering System with our MIC Series 550 high-speed PTZ cameras. MG Squared’s Lowering System is a device used frequently in intelligent transportation system (ITS) and secure perimeter installations. The device makes it even easier and safer to install and maintain pole-mounted MIC Series 550 cameras in any location, regardless of height.
“The combination of the MIC Series 550 and the Lowering System from MG Squared is field proven in installations around North America,” said Lloyd Uliana, Business Development Engineer for Bosch. "It enables customers to mount our equipment at the best heights and locations for their traffic surveillance requirements, while providing improved access to the cameras for any maintenance needs.”
MIC Series cameras provide 550 TVL resolution with 36x or 28x optical zoom for sharp images even at great distances. When combined with a MIC Series IP Power Supply, which features an integrated IP video encoding system, the MIC Series 550 is transformed into a network surveillance camera that conforms to the National Transportation Communications for ITS Protocol. This ensures that the MIC Series 550 camera integrates with traffic management devices.

Built to survive harsh environments, MIC Series cameras feature an IP68/NEMA 6P-rated housing to ensure complete protection against dust and water ingress without the need for pressurization. With a flat window, long-life silicone wiper and optional washer system, you can capture images that are free from distortion in dry and wet conditions. For reliable operation in tough roadway applications, the cameras can withstand 130 MPH sustained winds and gusts up to 180 MPH, as well as shock and vibration.

Likewise, the MG Squared Lowering Device has been proven to perform in the harshest conditions in installations throughout North America, Central America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

With a Lowering System from MG Squared, MIC Series camera installation and maintenance can be performed on the ground by one technician, eliminating the need for bucket trucks, cone crews or lane closures. This provides tremendous cost savings as well as a more efficient and safer work process. It also frees design engineers from previous limitations on mounting heights, since pole and camera locations are no longer determined by where or how high a bucket truck can reach. 

MG Squared believes the successful integration of the two systems will be an added benefit to ITS and high-security application end users for years to come.

For more information about MIC Series cameras, visit For more information on the Lowering System from MG Squared, visit

For a live demonstration, visit the MG Squared booth #6146 at ISC West in Las Vegas, April 2-4.

Friday, March 14, 2014

New DINION IP 4000 and IP 5000 HD Cameras

Video surveillance as a security measure often requires balancing optimum performance with aesthetics. In offices, hospitality applications or retail stores, design and appearance can be just as important as technical performance. The new DINION IP 4000 and 5000 cameras meet these multiple and demanding requirements by combining the latest technology with outstanding aesthetic design.

Both cameras offer an attractive range of features with regard to the highest image quality, management of bit rates, and lowest storage requirements, as well as important audio capabilities, cloud-based services, and easy and cost-effective installation. The cameras are available in two versions: the DINION IP 4000 HD with 720p resolution and the DINION IP 5000 HD with 1080p resolution. The desired amount of detail can be selected according to the intended application. Both models feature intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction (iDNR) to automatically adjust the level of noise reduction based on movement in the scene. This ensures crisp images and saves up to 50% on bit rates and thus memory requirements, considerably lowering storage and overall system costs.

A built-in microphone and two-way audio functionality turn these DINION IP cameras into even more effective security tools, as the operator or security guard can not only listen to but also question intruders or communicate with visitors who appear to be in need of assistance. Easy installation and configuration are guaranteed by the cameras’ Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) functionality and preconfigured user modes. For retail applications in particular, the cameras come with a direct monitor output, enabling a viewing monitor to be connected to the camera. This makes it ideal for entrances and other situations where people need to be made aware of the presence of video surveillance.

For access to high definition video from any location at any time, Dynamic Transcoding technology adjusts the bit rate of the camera to accommodate available bandwidth. This patented technology enables smooth live video streaming and full-HD details when playback is paused. Dynamic Transcoding can be fully exploited in combination with the new DINION IP 4000 and 5000 cameras by simply adding one of the Bosch DIVAR IP recording solutions or a Bosch VIDEOJET to the surveillance solution.
 “The two new DINION IP HD cameras are the logical solution for small and medium-sized enterprises where both professional security and appearance matter," explains Derek Lin, Product Manager Video Systems. “Their aesthetic design makes them ideal for seamless and discrete indoor installation, offering maximum security for people and property while simultaneously respecting the building’s architecture. They demonstrate that high performance and aesthetic design can be made affordable for everyday video surveillance applications.”
Our entire IP portfolio seamlessly integrates with software and recording solutions from Bosch and other vendors. Third party integration is ensured by the ONVIF conformity of all of our IP cameras, as well as the Integration Partner Program (IPP), which simplifies the interoperability of video surveillance products. The IPP portal provides access to a comprehensive library of integration tools, video solutions, services, and information about compatible products.

For more information about the new DINION IP 4000 and IP 5000 HD cameras, visit

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Network Computing Blog Post Features Bosch

Check out this blog post on Network Computing which explains how our intelligent imaging improves image quality, reduces noise and lowers storage costs -

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

a.p.i. Monitoring Adds Support for IP Communications from Bosch Systems

a.p.i. Monitoring, a service provider for independent dealers across North America, has recently installed a CONETTIX D6100IPv6 Communications Receiver/Gateway to add support for IP communications from our intrusion systems. Serving 300,000 customers in the U.S. and Canada from its seven central stations and one disaster recovery center, the company has already offered monitoring for Bosch systems using PSTN communications for over a decade.
“We aim to give all of our dealers the best options and services,” said Lewis Jacobson, Director of Dealer Services, a.p.i. Monitoring. “By adding the Bosch receiver for IP communications we’re diversifying our offerings for the more than 1,500 dealers we support across North America.”
The CONETTIX D6100IPV6 can support up to 3200 accounts for LAN or WAN communications as well as two phone lines. It can monitor a range of Bosch control panels, including the G Series and B Series product families. G Series Control panels are integrated solutions for intrusion, fire and access control with support for up to 32 areas and 1,000 users. B Series Control Panels support up to four areas and 48 points of protection. Both product families are modern Internet appliances that report using the latest IP technology, including DNS support for remote access and central station communications, which simplifies installation and disaster recovery.
“The advanced features of our latest control panel offerings are very attractive to dealers, as they are designed to make installation easier and to increase their profits,” said Tom Mechler, Product Marketing Manager, Bosch. “A growing number of dealers are choosing Bosch control panels, and they can now turn to our long-time customer, a.p.i. Monitoring, for high-quality monitoring services regardless of the communication path being used.” 
For more information about a.p.i. Monitoring, visit

For more information about the Bosch intrusion portfolio, visit