Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Understand the Power of Integrated Security Solutions

Check out our new infographic to understand how integrated security solutions enhance security, make systems easier to use and manage, and prevent theft and vandalism. Want to know more? Watch the video at https://youtu.be/_TaO1sL2590

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Showing Integrated Security Solutions at ISC East 2015

At ISC East 2015, we are highlighting how integrated systems provide powerful solutions for common security concerns while reducing cost and complexity for end users. The interactive display featuring our latest products and systems demonstrates how to protect sensitive areas, manage video and security data, automate functions for easy operation, prevent theft and vandalism, and more.

Attendees will learn how the new G Series Control Panels enhance facility security with intrusion detection, access control and IP camera integration through the Bosch Video Management System. Leveraging the full capabilities of G Series systems enables users to automate functions for simplified operation. For example, by presenting access control credentials, authorized personnel can automatically unlock doors, disarm the intrusion detection system and turn on the lights at a facility.

Integrating the new G Series Control Panels with Bosch IP cameras provides added protection of sensitive areas, such as ATM service rooms, cash offices, pharmacies and more. This allows security personnel to view images of intrusion detection system events, such as a video snapshot to verify the identity of the person who disarmed a critical area. In addition, Bosch IP cameras programmed to alert based on Intelligent Video Analysis events – such as loitering, crossing a perimeter line, or others – can activate points on the security control panel.

Monitoring security data is simplified through the DIVAR IP 3000 all-in-one video management system, which combines a network recorder, storage array, client workstation and integrated Bosch Video Management System software. With this solution, operators can view cameras and control panel status and events on a graphical map, as well as control streams and arm and disarm the panels via the Bosch Video Management System software. Authorized personnel can also view video remotely via mobile devices and tablets, anytime from anywhere.

To prevent theft and vandalism, central monitoring stations equipped with Cloud-based Services from Bosch can monitor facilities via video and provide audio intervention when needed. For example, if motion is detected at a facility when the intrusion detection system is armed, Cloud-based Services enables the central monitoring station to verify the alarm through live and recorded video. If an intruder is at the premises, the operator can communicate that the area is under surveillance.

Customers can benefit from integrated security solutions whether they choose a complete Bosch solution or software from another industry provider. Bosch IP cameras and control panels are compatible with a range of security software solutions from other industry providers. Additional details on the Bosch Integration Partner Program are available at ipp.boschsecurity.com.

For more information on integrating security solutions to enhance facility security, visit Bosch at booth #324 at ISC East 2015. As an added bonus, visitors to the Bosch booth can also check out the Bosch Power Tools Ram ProMaster van outfitted with wireless charging for charging Bosch cordless power tools on the go! 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Streaming Networks Adds Support for DINION capture 5000 IP License Plate Capture Cameras

Streaming Networks’ iRecord License Plate LPR-100 reads retro-reflective license plates found in the U.S. and Canada. It is powered by the company’s optical character recognition (OCR) engine, allowing it to accurately read plates even when they are improperly aligned, partially hidden by plate frames or have vertically stacked characters. When paired with our DINION capture IP cameras, this license plate recognition system provides customers with greater capabilities for gathering vehicle information as part of their security surveillance infrastructure.

DINION capture 5000 IP cameras deliver consistent, high-quality images of vehicle license plates at speeds up to 140 miles per hour. Using advanced optics, the cameras obtain clear, legible plate images up to 92 feet away, enabling accurate vehicle identification even in low-light conditions or when headlight or sun glare are present. Two DINION capture 5000 IP cameras are support per iRecord License Plate system.

Bosch customers can view the iRecord License Plate LPR-100 webpage GUI in the main window of the Bosch Video Management System (BVMS). This makes it easier for operators to access license plate data to enhance security around perimeters and improve parking management and toll collection.

With BVMS, operators know instantly what is happening in the entire organization. It reduces the complexity of video management, allowing personnel to operate more efficiently and effectively. It can support configurations ranging from a single standalone system to multi-site large-scale enterprise applications with an unlimited number of cameras.

For more information on the DINION capture 5000 IP cameras, visit http://bit.ly/1MQ59nN
For more information on Bosch Video Management System, visit http://bit.ly/1N9o1jn
For more information on Streaming Networks’ iRecord License Plate LPR-100, visit www.streaming-networks.com or visit the Streaming Networks booth #672 at ISC East.

Zareh Megerdoonian, Business Development Manager for Bosch, at Zareh.Megerdoonian@bosch.com
Ayub Khan, President of Streaming Networks at Ayub.Khan@streaming-networks.com

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

New Dual Path Control Panel Communicator Lowers Costs for Fire or Intrusion Alarm Systems

The B465 Universal Dual Path Communicator enables dialer-based fire or intrusion control panels to use modern IP or cellular communication formats. With the new communicator, end users can eliminate expenses associated with up to two dedicated telephone line connections per control panel, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership for fire or intrusion alarm systems.

The B465 Universal Dual Path Communicator links a control panel’s digital dialer to an Ethernet connection on a local area or wide area network or to an optional cellular module to send reports to the central station receiver. By replacing dedicated phone lines with cellular communication, the dealer or integrator can create a new reoccurring revenue stream for data service plans, while still reducing monthly costs for the end user.

The communicator is compatible with fire or intrusion control panels from Bosch and other manufacturers as it supports multiple communication formats – including CONTACT ID, SIA and pulse – as well as three options for powering the device. These features allow dealers and integrators to easily and cost-effectively upgrade a wide range of systems. A future-proof solution, the B465 is the only dual path communicator with support for IPv6 and an interface for plug-in cellular modules, which ensures the user’s investment is protected even as communication technology changes.

For end-to-end security and enhanced safety over solutions from other manufacturers, the B465 Communicator acknowledges a signal only after it is received by the Bosch receiver at the central monitoring station. This unique feature provides added peace of mind for users as they are assured that any possible life safety or security risks have been communicated and received.

The B465 Universal Dual Path Communicator meets NFPA 72 standards (National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code 2013 Edition). For more approval and certification information and for further details on the new communicator, visit http://bit.ly/1PB19JQ

Monday, October 19, 2015

BIM Files for Bosch Products

We are now providing Building Information Modeling (BIM) files for parts of our product range.  Building Information Modeling is a method used to digitally plan, design, construct and operate buildings and infrastructure in a virtual space.

With Building Information Modeling, all building data are digitized and networked. This greatly facilitates the planning of a building for all professionals involved in a construction project. If within the virtual building model a change is made by one of the project planners, these alterations are immediately visible to all the professionals involved, from the design team to the main contractor and subcontractors to the owner or operator, since all teams share the same data and work from a single, shared 3D model. When a modification is made in one building section, the effects on all other sections are calculated and shown in real-time; the complete building and construction data are immediately updated and aligned.

Modifications in the floor plan, for example, can change the number of video cameras necessary for monitoring a building. If those changes are made using BIM, the number of video cameras needed is automatically adjusted to the modified floor plan. In this way, all project partners immediately see the effect that modification has on the overall planning and total budget. This helps to greatly simplify the workflow and alignment of all involved professional teams, shortens the planning phase and reduces costs. 

We're supporting Building Information Modeling and will provide architects, building designers, engineers and contractors with free BIM files, starting with our IP video cameras. This data will make it possible to simulate a camera’s field of view in the 3D model, which improves design efficiency in planning a security solution. Gradually, we'll enlarge our offering of BIM files to include more products, such as smoke detectors.

We'll offer our first BIM files in RFA (Autodesk Revit) format for free download from www.boschsecurity.com/BIM

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Celebrating Customer Service Week

We strive to foster complete satisfaction for all customers through world-class service and support. Our associates are committed to this goal and to delivering a positive experience to each customer they come in contact with. And, considering our customer service department handles more than 300 calls every weekday—that’s a lot of hard work!

So, for one week in October, we recognize these valued associates who provide that service to you. Customer Service Week is an international event created to acknowledge the importance of the people who fulfill this important role. Bosch’s theme this year is Everyday Heroes, and we took the week to recognize that every day, customer service professionals are heroes to the people they serve. Our associates pledge to go to heroic measures to serve and support our customers this week and every day throughout the year. 

Has one of our customer service associates acted heroically for you recently? Please share your experience with us by nominating that person for a shining star award - http://bit.ly/ZpRYEf - or leave your comment on our blog for all to see!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Connected Technologies Adds Bosch Control Panel Support to Cloud-hosted Security Management Platform

Dealers and integrators can offer a complete suite of security services to residential and commercial customers through a new partnership between Connected Technologies, LLC, Crystal Lake, Ill., and Bosch. Connect ONE® the flagship security management platform from Connected Technologies now integrates seamlessly with our B Series and new G Series security control panels. 

Connect ONE lets users control and manage solutions that include security, access control, video, energy management, and more from an intuitive inter-face that is accessible from a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Through Connect ONE, users with B Series or new G Series Control Panels can check status, arm or disarm systems, view live video or snapshots from Bosch IP cameras integrated with the panels, and lock, unlock or secure doors within G Series systems that include access control. They can also add, remove and change passcodes and access credentials using the Connect ONE interface.

Dealers have the flexibility to select the most appropriate level of service for their business and their customer. They can fully administer the solution for their customer, have the customer manage it, or provide a blended service offering.
“With the integration, Bosch dealers now have interactive services supported by the cloud that allow them to expand their customer base through additional market verticals and grow their recurring monthly revenue,” says Mike Simon, a former dealer and managing partner, Connected Technologies. “We’re excited about this partnership and will work closely with Bosch to continue to make the offering more robust and conducive to dealers who want to grow their profitability by providing additional, valuable interactive services to their customers.”
“Through the integration with Connect ONE, we’re able to offer dealers and end users even greater flexibility for interacting with and controlling their Bosch systems – whether they prefer a laptop, tablet or smartphone,” says Tom Mechler, applications design manager for Bosch. “This enhances the user experience and allows our dealers to increase their competitive edge by providing greater value to their customers.”
The Connect ONE dealer portal allows dealers to view and control all their customer’s devices and locations on one screen, which can help eliminate the need to roll trucks for site visits and reduce support costs. There is no software to manage and no user licensing fees required.

For more information on Connect ONE, visit www.simplifywithconnectone.com or call 866-976-3520. For more details on the B Series or new G Series Control Panels from Bosch, visit www.boschsecurity.us or call 800-289-0096.