Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Network-Ready Access Control Installation

Bosch customer Associated Engineered Systems, Inc. (AES) recently installed a browser-based access control system for an engineering solutions company, Innoventor, Inc -- a St. Louis-based company with a facility that is 26,000 square feet.

Innoventor wanted to provide complete facility access for its full-time employees, while limiting access for its 14 contractors. The staff also needed a way to determine if their colleagues remain in the building before arming the alarm system each night.

Along with the browser-based system, AES installed an LCD touch screen, which is continuously logged into the access control system, near the facility’s alarm keypad. Employees can now see who is in the building right from the LCD screen. The last employee to leave each evening no longer has to walk the entire facility to determine if any of their colleagues remain in the building before arming the alarm and exiting. The information is right at their fingertips near the exit.

By integrating the access control system with the alarm system, AES enabled Innoventor to also limit access to the facility for contractors -- company policy states that a full-time employee be present whenever a contractor is in the building. If the alarm is armed, indicating no employees are in the facility, contractors are not allowed access to the building.

When the alarm system is armed, the access control system also automatically locks the building’s overhead garage doors and roof hatch, so these doors are never unintentionally left open.

The system secures a total of 10 doors throughout the facility.

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