Monday, June 2, 2008

Back to basics

Converting our video from a fluidly fluctuating voltage analog signal to billions of digital ones and zeros cannot hide the fact that what we all really care about is how it looks. And it all starts with light. Especially for those of us that see IP cameras and encoders as merely network devices, it might be helpful to understand what's really going on.

Should I choose a fixed or varifocal lens? Do I need a day/night camera or IR illumination or both? Fixed, manual or auto iris? At night time what difference does deep twilight, a full moon or a quarter moon make to the lighting level and which type camera will cope?

I found this link to be helpful as both a refresher for video and imaging basics, or if you are new to security, then a library of the few basic building blocks everyone should know about video.

Click here to visit the Camera Learning Center.

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