Monday, October 20, 2008

It's a kind of magic

I came across Geoff Moore's blog posting "Is IP camera performance actually up to the job?" from a friend of mine. It is one of those commentaries from someone who understands what real people need, and expect from their video surveillance system. After slicing his way through people who over-sell by adding a dose of cold reality, he comments freely and objectively on the strengths and weaknesses of the FlexiDome analog cameras and then Dinion IP cameras. He remarks on low-light performance and I hope that Black Diamond IR illuminator additions from the Bosch Extreme portfolio will help these, and other cameras, perform better. Not only for image quality, but bit-rate reduction and much less error-prone video analytics.

Perhaps most interesting is his personal comments on the impact of low light on Megapixel cameras, which in turn affects usable framerates to avoid blurring. Since he covers so many aspects of technology and is very down to earth, I thoroughly recommend a quick read.

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