Thursday, December 18, 2008

City center monitoring - Runnymede

This brief article about city center monitoring interests me because it is a 'simple' yet pragmatic setup. Both IP cameras and analog cameras (going into VIP X1600 multi-channel encoders), recording Direct-to-iSCSI managed by the Bosch Video Recording Manager.

And as Chris Lazzari rightly points out, "...enables [Runnymede Borough Council] to expand their network and storage requirements easily". That last point is particularly important to me. Estimating how much storage you're going to need is as much a guessing game as predicting how many miles till your tank is empty. It is very nice to have an easy way to transparently add storage, or add cameras, or improve recording quality, certainly without stopping, resizing/reformatting stuff.

Click here for the original article.

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