Sunday, December 7, 2008

Many Little Places...Far, far Away

Sometimes we all get a bit over-excited about our full-blown, nuclear-powered IP video solutions - the power, flexibility and sheer potential of this sledge-hammer. It is easy to overlook some ridiculously trivial ways to solve certain problems. For this reason, I wrote this little document that describes a few ways of solving the serious challenge of monitoring a large number of remote locations.

The scenario pulls together a number of classic challenges, not all of which will apply in every case, but some might. The locations might be far apart, possibly linked by a low bandwidth WAN. For economy or practicality of installation, the WAN might be wireless (RF, laser, microwave etc.), with intermittent up-time. The place might be in the middle of no-where, and might rely on solar power with somewhat fluctuating power. The environment maybe a little uncomfortable - not exactly your average IT rack where you otherwise may have installed a PC. It may be cold, dusty, even quite dirty. Humid or shaky. There my be limited space for equipment. There may be pressure to reduce the amount of light pollution in the area.

Out of 365 days you may only want see one of the cameras once to verify an alarm, otherwise you really don't care as long as it's reliably recorded, and you can export the video for use as evidence, obviously without having to physically go there. You may only need 1 to a small handful of cameras. Traveling to these sites might be a very expensive exercise, and so once installed you really never want to go there again. You may have a small fence with traditional intrusion detection, linked to a central monitoring station. You may be considering using video analytics to add an extra layer of detection, since you already have the cameras installed, and you figure they may as well serve a dual purpose so you get your money's worth.

Click here for Many Little Places...Far, Far Away. Enjoy.

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