Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hands-on experience

Bosch is putting a ton of effort into the ISC show this year. We're including more of a hands-on experience rather than the more traditional observe-my-demo approach.

The IVA game in particular will spark a lot of interest, and controversy. But before people fire away with the usual attack of 'over-selling video analytics', and how some people think Bosch is 'low-end analytics', I encourage them to come and see it for themselves - we want people to experience IVA, not just watch a demo, and that's not easy in a tight and chaotic space. The game uses 100% authentic Bosch home-grown video analytics. Come and see how the game works, and if that doesn't give you the depth of insight you are looking for, come to the Conversion Center of the booth where we will have 4 different hands-on examples of real video analytics at work. I'll be there, with other experts and you're welcome to take over the keyboard and drive.

No more canned clips. Play around and decide for yourself whether it is ready for You.

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