Monday, May 11, 2009

Quick tour of ISC

This brief movie doesn't replace flying to Vegas for ISC to meet us at the booth, but it takes less time than it takes to pack your favorite party shirts for the evenings.

Take a whirlwind tour of cameras we baked, drowned, froze and pulverized with dirt, sand and fine dust. I need to dig up the video where someone was beating the living daylights out of another camera with a hammer. I found it ironic that the camera survived the 3 days of continuous beating, but that the table actually broke. And yes, the hammer was OK too. Finally check out the fully automated License Plate Recognition solution (including the DiBos DVR, Access Control and the barrier) that was reading Bond-like revolving plates on a Mini with the camera overloaded with full headlights.

Courtesy SP&T News (Security Products and Technology News) and my Canadian heroes, Norm Hoefler and Willem Ryan. Click here to watch the movie,com_seyret/Itemid,119/id,10/task,videodirectlink/.

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