Friday, June 19, 2009

Webinar- Video Quality

A few days ago, Security Magazine invited me to give an objective (non-manufacturer specific) webinar on factors that affect video quality. I was overwhelmed and humbled at the number of attendees - apparently a new record. I was really glad to have Willem Ryan (Product Marketing Manager for Bosch's Extreme portfolio) sitting next to me - he's forgotten more about lighting than I'll ever learn. He answered a lot of key questions at the end.

The webinar applies equally to analog and IP video, although some aspects are different. For example with both, poor light means a poor picture, but when you digitize it in a DVR you will probably consume disk space faster, and for an IP camera you will also consume more bandwidth.

Thanks to the folks at Security Magazine for hosting and archiving the webinar. You will have to register your name to play the recording, but that will really help me quantify the demand for such webinars, and if it is as high as it appears to be I will focus more time on them.

Quick note to Bosch's competitors - if you see any value you are most welcome to play the recording - there's no need to register with a false ID since I presented no secrets. It's all publicly available information.

Click here
for the webinar.

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