Sunday, October 4, 2009

IVA 4.0

Our latest video analytics offering, IVA 4.0 is now out. The focus is usefulness - (i) making it easier to set up and (ii) improving reliability.

IVA 4.0 has a completely revamped approach to calibration, which is important so that the camera 'understands' perspective, which leads to a better appreciation of distance and speed, which ultimately reduces false alarms and improves reliability. We believe you can calibrate in under 2 mins, and I've seen that with a number of tests at the office with random people, but more importantly we ran the same test at ASIS. Since it's hard to describe in words here's a link to a short video that explains how we now do calibration - basically if you can draw lines in PowerPoint you can now calibrate a Bosch IP camera.

IVA 4.0 still works with Forensic Search so that you can test your IVA rules against days or weeks of existing video, which instantly tells you how reliable your configuration is, during the day, night, rain, wind snow etc. Whatever video you have recorded. This is immeasurably important to installers who are fed up with returning to the client site to address the false alarms caused by unforseen circumstances. Sure they were unforseen, you only had a few mins to set up each camera - you couldn't sit there for weeks waiting for nature to throw everything it can at you. Here's Forensic Search combined with Head Detection - also featured in IVA 4.0.

IVA 4.0 also introduces FLOW 4.0, a new algorithm that does not need to learn a background scene - instead it tracks every single pixel as it flows across the screen and alerts based on rules you set up. This makes it attractive in busier scenes where it is hard or impossible to extract individual objects (e.g. people in a crowd). Good for vessels on water, trafficand counterflow detection. For a short video clip try this or this . The latter scene is particularly smart because even though the gates swing the wrong way the algorithm completely ignores them, instead focusing on people.

Finally IVA 4.0 is also integrated into our AutoDome IP PTZ cameras. Yes, this means you can have video analytics on a PTZ camera. The camera can have up to 10 predefined scenes, each with its own IVA settings, so basically you're gettng ten IVA cameras for the price of one.

Oh yes, and it works with our H.264 compression too. And Direct-to-iSCSI. And Video Recording Manager. And the DiBos and Divar XF hybrid recorders, VIDOS and Bosch Video Management System. It runs on all our IP cameras and encoders - but please consult an expert as different edge devices have different amounts of horsepower to do all the things you want it to - e.g. encoding, dual streamings, recording direct to iSCSI, scripting and IVA. For maximum power the new VIP X1600 XF module has the latest hardware accelerators to be able to handle everything. At ASIS I showed this as well as a Dinion IP running the same analytics.

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