Friday, October 23, 2009

ONVIF and PSIA parallel view

I like how Sam Pfeifle (of Security Systems News) drew the parallel between the feelings surrounding the plug-fests for both these organizations. And I agree with those who say good luck to both - competition is always healthy and market forces will decide the outcome. We are certainly heading towards towards a world of plug and play IP video, and that day is more than welcome.

Personally I'm particularly looking forward to the ONVIF 2.0 specification when it includes support for playing back other people's recordings. I'm waiting for the day that DVRs (not just NVRs) are ONVIF compliant, offering their live and more importantly recorded video to ONVIF-compliant clients. Traditionally 'IP' video management systems have largely ignored the world of DVRs, but this could offer a new option as part of a migration strategy.

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