Monday, October 12, 2009

ONVIF Update

At ASIS 2009 I was lucky enough to attend ONVIF's public reception with 146 attendees from 58 companies. It was an open event where 9 manufacturers hooked 10 different IP cameras (including 2 Bosch IP cameras) to a single network switch, and demonstrated them being viewed on 4 different pieces of software. It was a real Pick 'n' Mix - precisely echoing the vision of both ONVIF and PSIA.

The epiphany though, was realizing that ONVIF is not only real, nor that it is achieving milestones in record time, but that it is utterly unstoppable.

As I entered the room I saw all defenses were down. Arch competitors were shaking hands and discussing experiences as if they finally had a common goal that was bigger than the individual companies and their personalities. I was also surprised at how much staff-time the active ONVIF member companies had donated to the organization to support the progress through a multitude of working groups, especially in this economy. Sure, the members will have the advantage of first-hand familiarity of the standard, but remember that anyone can join. And knowing how many brilliant minds there are out there it will take some people just days to weave ONVIF into their devices' firmware or management software.

Another thing I noticed without intending to, was the range of accents. It felt like being in the UN. ONVIF is global - I had read it, but now I heard it. I know that's a strange thing to write, but since I actually sensed it, I wanted to share it in case I'm not alone.

Other than Bosch, the other 8 companies that proved successful ONVIF v1.0 implementation in their products at the event were AVerMedia, Axis, Canon, IndigoVision, Lilin, Panasonic, Sony, and Vivotek.

ONVIF has published a press release, available on the right hand side of their website under 'October 2, 2009' at

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