Saturday, October 17, 2009

ZX55 - ONVIF-ready long-range IP/IR camera

This rugged camera (ZX55) is a great example of IP meets ONVIF meets H.264 meets IVA meets IR meets long range. With the 9-90mm IR corrected varifocal lens I can pull it back to get a wider field of view if I want to look along a fenceline, or I can zoom it all the way in to focus on a remote spot, say a barrier, gate or a remote door up to 1,000 feet (300m) away. In both scenarios Bosch's built-in video analytics (IVA v4.0) can detect loitering, idle object, object removed, trip wire, speeding, wrong direction etc., with a single IVA license. And because it has IR we avoid the light pollution and keep the power consumption low, which means a lower demand on the UPS. The Black Diamond IR illumination eliminates hot spots so that the scene is equally lit, which is particularly important for reliable video analytics. As you can imagine this kind of camera plays a key role in applying DCRI to a system.

Remember good lighting means less AGC-induced noise. And less noise means a better image, reliable video analytics and less storage because of the lower bitrate. If you're relying on wireless then the low bitrate is also important.

The long range capability gives the option to avoid trenching power and networking to a remote location and mounting a camera high on a pole exposed to the elements.

Like all the Bosch IP cameras and encoders running firmware 4.0, it's ONVIF ready.

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