Wednesday, February 17, 2010

ONVIF on Wikipedia

ONVIF - the industry forum that is developing a global open standard for the interface of network video products - recently created a page on Wikipedia. To learn more about ONVIF, check out the page on Wikipedia:

Monday, February 8, 2010

Making the Transition from POTS recently posted an article on how the alarm industry is getting prepared for the transition to alternate forms of communication. The article indicates the industry is feeling added urgency due to AT&T's request to cease providing landline services:

"With the news that telecom giant AT&T has asked the federal government for permission to stop providing landline telephone services, also referred to as 'plain-old-telephone-service' or POTS, dealers and central stations must begin to focus on alternative communication platforms to use for alarm signal transmissions."
If you've traditionally relied on POTS as a primary means of alarm communication and are looking to learn about other forms of communication, check out the webinar we recently hosted with SecurityInfoWatch.

The webinar focuses on using corporate networks or the Internet for security systems and describes how upgrading intrusion and fire systems to communicate over this IP infrastructure can be as simple as installing a module to convert conventional control panels. Using IP for alarm communications delivers a number of benefits over POTS, including higher security, faster data transmissions and reduced costs. During the webinar, we also cover the various technology considerations for IP alarm communications, including the differences between IP and Voice over IP and the equipment needed.

Check it out at: