Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bosch's Booth at ISC West

This year, we're holding the ultimate skills competition at our ISC West booth - #18011. Visit us there and put our products to the test. See for yourself how our video, access control, and intrusion and fire detection products outperform the competition.

Here's a quick preview of what you'll see:

Judge camera image quality next to the competition.
Experience the difference 20-bit processing and 2X-Dynamic can make in challenging lighting conditions. Our new Dinion 2X IP cameras reveal more than is visible with the human eye alone.

See how our tough AutoDome Easy II pan-tilt-zoom camera captures all the important details with sharp, clear images.

Save time with easy-to-install CCTV products.
Set up our 200 Series IP cameras in three easy steps.

Reduce installation costs with our AutoDome Modular Camera System featuring pre-terminated, color-coded wiring and interchangeable modules.

See how to install recording technology 50% faster with our Digital Network Recorder 700 Series.

Measure the performance of intrusion systems.
Try to sneak past a series of intrusion detectors. Our Professional Series improve catch performance and virtually eliminate false alarms.

Get a preview of our new G Series Control Panels and test their faster command and event processing capabilities.

Experience our feature-packed fire panel.
Check out the equipment built-into the FPA-1000-UL Compact Fire Panel, while you access the system from your smartphone.

Witness the power of access control with video integration.
Access Easy Control v2.1 provides greater facility control through one web-based interface for security.


Adam said...

Great post. I was just talking to a friend about trying to sneak past his security system. It's really the only way to test things out.


Liz said...

Thanks for the post! Do you know if Access Easy Control v2.1 is available for smart phones? I'd love to have a system I can check from my iphone.

Bosch Security Systems said...

Liz - Thank you for your comment. Our product marketing manager for the Access Easy Control v2.1 can answer your question. He can be reached at