Thursday, May 13, 2010

Compatibility with Lenel OnGuard

Bosch has received Lenel factory certification for the interface of our IP video products to OnGuard version 6.3.

The integration allows you to verify system events and alarms by viewing live and recorded video from Bosch devices directly in the OnGuard user interface. You can also operate PTZ functionality of Bosch cameras within the OnGuard software and set recording parameters to change based on system events. H.264 compression, Intelligent Video Analysis and Automatic Network Replenishment, which recovers recordings from buffered video in edge devices when a network interruption occurs - are also supported.

The Bosch cameras and encoders tested for certification, include Dinion IP, FlexiDome IP, Extreme Series IP, AutoDome Modular IP, and the 200 Series IP cameras, as well as VideoJet X, VIP X and VIP X1600 encoders. The Divar XF Series Hybrid Digital Recorders, DiBos Digital Video Recorders, and Video Recording Manager also integrate with the OnGuard system.

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