Friday, May 14, 2010

IP Video Compatibility Zone

We have launched a web site that details the IP video devices, firmware versions and features supported by a variety of software offerings from Bosch and other suppliers. The new IP Video Compatibility Zone provides displays the products and features - such as tamper detection, streaming capabilities and alarm notifications - that are supported by 12 head-end systems from Bosch and third-party suppliers. You can select multiple products and systems at once to compare compatibility across a customized set of suppliers and devices.

Two planning tools are also provided on the new site. The Firmware Compatibility matrix identifies the firmware versions that are ideal for Bosch IP cameras, encoders, DVRs and software. In addition, an Encoder-Decoder Compatibility chart outlines compatibility between camera/encoder configurations and decoders for both H.264 and MPEG-4 compression. You can download the Firmware and Encoder-Decoder Compatibility charts for offline reference.

To access the Bosch IP Video Compatibility Zone, visit

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Maine Security Systems said...

Ive used bosh IP Cameras now for 6 months and I love them! Maine Security Systems