Tuesday, June 29, 2010

700 Series Digital Video Recorders

The Divar 700 Series H.264 digital video recorders have fully-automated device discovery and assignment, built-in set-up wizards and an embedded design. This results in system installation for the new series that is 50% faster than traditional PC-based video recording solutions.

The 700 Series Hybrid Recorder, formerly called Divar XF, is designed for applications using a mix of analog and IP cameras. It supports up to 16 analog cameras and 16 IP cameras.

The 700 Series Network Recorder is an all-in-one IP video management solution containing everything to store and manage surveillance video in a single, easy-to-install box. This Network Recorder supports up to 32 H.264 IP cameras.

Both devices allow management of IP camera profiles and features, such as motion detection, within the recorders themselves, eliminating the need for configuration through a PC. The recorders' embedded design coupled with H.264 compression technology lowers the cost of ownership by reducing software maintenance requirements and decreasing storage utilization.

Four internal hard disks, with available RAID-4 technology, assure maximum protection of recorded video and deliver uninterrupted system reliability even in the event of a drive failure. The drives are accessible from the front of the unit for easier servicing and to provide the flexibility to add larger-capacity disks when needed. Using the Bosch storage expansion kit, the recorders can save up to 8TB of video data. You can also choose to further increase capacity, up to 120TB, and centralize storage using network-attached iSCSI arrays that provide even greater resiliency.

Text data can be integrated with the video recorded by the 700 Series. This feature, available as a licensable option, is useful with license plate recognition systems for parking lot management and in stolen vehicle searches. Text support can also help reduce shrinkage and detect fraud through remote monitoring capabilities for ATM or point-of-sale transactions. The recorders also include a Smart Search feature, which saves time by searching for motion only within selected areas of the recorded video.

With real-time 4CIF recording, the 700 Series is ideal for applications where a high level of detail is required, including retail, banking, corrections, and transportation and commercial buildings.

Learn more at http://www.boschsecurity.us/en-us/productinformation/dvr/700Series and http://www.boschsecurity.us/en-us/productinformation/dvr/700IPSeries

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