Friday, June 25, 2010

VIP-X1XF H.264 Encoder

The VIP-X1XF H.264 encoder has a built-in hardware accelerator for Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA). It is capable of transmitting two independent high-resolution video streams at 25/30 images per second over IP networks. This gives you the flexibility to simultaneously record two video streams from one camera on different media. For example, the streams can record centrally on iSCSI drives as well as on local media, such as an SD card, for redundancy.

The encoder's H.264 compression reduces network load by up to 50 percent compared to conventional compression technologies. Our low-latency Main Profile H.264 implementation gives you DVD quality video, while reducing storage costs and bandwidth usage.

IVA 4.0 is embedded in the encoders, so they can autonomously detect suspicious behavior, such as loitering, idle objects, object removal and line crossing. IVA 4.0 runs on the encoder's dedicated Field Programmable Gate Array hardware accelerator to process video in real-time. With a compact size that makes the new encoders easy to install near cameras, you have the option to only transmit video of IVA alarms over the network to further reduce bandwidth requirements.

Support for the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) standard ensures the new VIP-X1XF encoder is easy to install - integrating seamlessly with compliant video products from different vendors. With our proprietary Bilinx support built-in, the VIP-X1XF also gives you the ability to remotely configure analog cameras and control PTZ functionality without additional cabling.

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Anonymous said...

What is MSRP for this? I can't find pricing anywhere.

Bosch Security Systems said...

MSRP for the VIP-X1XF encoder is $820. For more information, contact 1-866-CCTV-REP or