Monday, July 26, 2010

New ONVIF Conformant 200 Series IP Dome Cameras

We've added two IP dome cameras to the 200 Series. The NDC-255-P features
a 2.8 - 10 mm varifocal lens, and the NDC-225-P includes a 4.0 mm fixed lens. The cameras are ideal for small offices, retail shops, convenience stores, and classrooms.

The 200 Series IP cameras, now including four models, are easy to install and operate. Each camera comes with a SD flash memory card for storing days of recorded video without a connected PC. No technical expertise is required to set-up the cameras. You just insert the SD card, plug in the camera with a single cable, and viewing and recording starts immediately.

This all-in-one surveillance series can also be easily extended by connecting a video recorder, such as the Bosch Divar 700 Series, or an iSCSI server. H.264 image compression reduces the requirements for storage by up to 50% compared to traditional surveillance technology.

The progressive scan cameras provide professional surveillance with sharp, clear color images – even when objects are in motion. The cameras’ bundled software enables remote viewing, allowing recorded video from multiple cameras to play back on a single PC monitor. The software also makes it easy to archive video and locate specific events quickly using its smart search facility.

In addition, the IP Camera 200 Series features built-in motion, tamper and audio detection that can trigger an action, such as setting off an alarm or increasing recording quality to capture more details in a scene. The two-way audio capability also allows operators to communicate with visitors, employees or intruders via the camera.

Fully compliant with the latest ONVIF standard, the IP Camera 200 Series offers compatibility with other ONVIF surveillance products.

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