Wednesday, July 21, 2010

TCP/IP Communications Module for AutoDome

A new TCP/IP Communications Module for the AutoDome Camera System delivers H.264 Main Profile compression, powerful Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) and alarm handling, and compliance with ONVIF.

The AutoDome Modular uses a platform of interchangeable components for cost-effectively migrating to advanced functionality without replacing the entire camera system. You can add the new TCP/IP Communications Module to any existing AutoDome Modular camera.

This TCP/IP Communications Module uses H.264 compression for DVD-quality video that requires up to 50% less storage space than MPEG4-compressed video, depending on scene and quality settings. With tri-streaming, the module can simultaneously generate two independent H.264 streams with up to 4CIF resolution at 25/30 (PAL/NTSC), images per second, as well as one JPEG stream for viewing on a hand-held device. You can select a low latency H.264 Baseline Profile stream for live viewing and pan-tilt-zoom control, while using a H.264 Main Profile stream for recording high-quality images with maximum compression. With built-in iSCSI support, the cameras can stream compressed video directly to an iSCSI RAID array for storage.

In addition to tri-streaming, the TCP/IP Communications Module's powerful processor can concurrently run Bosch's full-featured IVA software without compromising performance. With IVA, AutoDome Modular cameras process video signals and automatically alert operators to potential security risks. One AutoDome Modular pan-tilt-zoom camera can analyze up to 10 different scenes for loitering, line crossing and other potential threats using a single IVA license - providing a low cost for advanced video analytics.

Sophisticated alarm control allows flexible management of alerts from AutoDome Modular cameras. Rules-based logic enables alarms to trigger a wide range of actions, including complex dome functions. With the new TCP/IP Communications Module, the AutoDome Modular's alarm handling is extended even further with the ability to send notifications via e-mail.

The TCP/IP Communications Module also provides support for the ONVIF standard to ensure AutoDome Modular Cameras will integrate seamlessly with compliant networked video products from different vendors. This provides greater freedom in specifying a system.

AutoDome Modular cameras are offered in four models, ranging from a basic level fixed-position dome to the full-featured 500i-Series Intelligent Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera. AutoDome cameras equipped with the new module deliver hybrid operation with both Ethernet and analog connections for supporting existing equipment.

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