Tuesday, June 29, 2010

700 Series Digital Video Recorders

The Divar 700 Series H.264 digital video recorders have fully-automated device discovery and assignment, built-in set-up wizards and an embedded design. This results in system installation for the new series that is 50% faster than traditional PC-based video recording solutions.

The 700 Series Hybrid Recorder, formerly called Divar XF, is designed for applications using a mix of analog and IP cameras. It supports up to 16 analog cameras and 16 IP cameras.

The 700 Series Network Recorder is an all-in-one IP video management solution containing everything to store and manage surveillance video in a single, easy-to-install box. This Network Recorder supports up to 32 H.264 IP cameras.

Both devices allow management of IP camera profiles and features, such as motion detection, within the recorders themselves, eliminating the need for configuration through a PC. The recorders' embedded design coupled with H.264 compression technology lowers the cost of ownership by reducing software maintenance requirements and decreasing storage utilization.

Four internal hard disks, with available RAID-4 technology, assure maximum protection of recorded video and deliver uninterrupted system reliability even in the event of a drive failure. The drives are accessible from the front of the unit for easier servicing and to provide the flexibility to add larger-capacity disks when needed. Using the Bosch storage expansion kit, the recorders can save up to 8TB of video data. You can also choose to further increase capacity, up to 120TB, and centralize storage using network-attached iSCSI arrays that provide even greater resiliency.

Text data can be integrated with the video recorded by the 700 Series. This feature, available as a licensable option, is useful with license plate recognition systems for parking lot management and in stolen vehicle searches. Text support can also help reduce shrinkage and detect fraud through remote monitoring capabilities for ATM or point-of-sale transactions. The recorders also include a Smart Search feature, which saves time by searching for motion only within selected areas of the recorded video.

With real-time 4CIF recording, the 700 Series is ideal for applications where a high level of detail is required, including retail, banking, corrections, and transportation and commercial buildings.

Learn more at http://www.boschsecurity.us/en-us/productinformation/dvr/700Series and http://www.boschsecurity.us/en-us/productinformation/dvr/700IPSeries

Friday, June 25, 2010

VIP-X1XF H.264 Encoder

The VIP-X1XF H.264 encoder has a built-in hardware accelerator for Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA). It is capable of transmitting two independent high-resolution video streams at 25/30 images per second over IP networks. This gives you the flexibility to simultaneously record two video streams from one camera on different media. For example, the streams can record centrally on iSCSI drives as well as on local media, such as an SD card, for redundancy.

The encoder's H.264 compression reduces network load by up to 50 percent compared to conventional compression technologies. Our low-latency Main Profile H.264 implementation gives you DVD quality video, while reducing storage costs and bandwidth usage.

IVA 4.0 is embedded in the encoders, so they can autonomously detect suspicious behavior, such as loitering, idle objects, object removal and line crossing. IVA 4.0 runs on the encoder's dedicated Field Programmable Gate Array hardware accelerator to process video in real-time. With a compact size that makes the new encoders easy to install near cameras, you have the option to only transmit video of IVA alarms over the network to further reduce bandwidth requirements.

Support for the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) standard ensures the new VIP-X1XF encoder is easy to install - integrating seamlessly with compliant video products from different vendors. With our proprietary Bilinx support built-in, the VIP-X1XF also gives you the ability to remotely configure analog cameras and control PTZ functionality without additional cabling.

Find out more by clicking here.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New G Series Control Panels

G Series Control Panels now support dual, simultaneous, wired IP and GSM/GPRS communications to help integrators meet a wider variety of customer requirements.

You can learn more about the new GV3 panels at http://www.boschsecurity.us/en-us/gseries

Monday, June 21, 2010

AutoDome Easy II H.264 IP Cameras

We've enhanced our AutoDome Easy series with the introduction of a durable PTZ IP camera for indoor and outdoor applications. The AutoDome Easy II IP camera is designed to bridge the gap between fixed minidomes and traditional PTZ cameras and comes with features not found in other compact PTZ domes.

Ideal for discreet surveillance applications in large retail stores, banks, schools and commercial office buildings, the AutoDome Easy II IP is less than half the size and cost of traditional PTZ dome cameras. A single AutoDome Easy II IP provides as much coverage as four fixed minidomes, allowing you to monitor a larger area with fewer cameras and reducing system installation and maintenance expenses.

To lower bandwidth consumption and storage costs, the new camera uses H.264 compression for DVD-quality video with reduced bit rates. The AutoDome Easy II IP can generate two independent H.264 streams with up to 4CIF resolution and one JPEG stream simultaneously. Tri-streaming allows the camera to produce high-quality images for live viewing and recording while concurrently sending JPEG images to a remote server or device. Built-in iSCSI support also enables the camera to stream video directly to a network-attached iSCSI RAID array for storage.

The AutoDome Easy II IP features 360-degree high-speed continuous rotation along with variable pan and tilt speeds. The 120x (10x optical/12x digital) zoom autofocus camera gives you an increased monitoring range and incorporates the latest digital imaging technology for sharper images that capture all the important details in a scene. With excellent sensitivity to below 1.0 lux, the AutoDome Easy II IP provides clear color images even in low light conditions.

Optional Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) enables the AutoDome Easy II IP to process video signals and automatically alert operators to potential security risks. IVA allows the AutoDome Easy II IP camera to autonomously detect suspicious behavior, including loitering, idle objects, object removal and line crossing. With this intelligence at the edge, you have the ability to only transmit video of IVA alarms over the network to reduce bandwidth requirements and improve operator response times.

The AutoDome Easy II IP is easy to install and operate. Proportional zoom and built-in automatic focus assure optimal camera control and viewing at all zoom levels. Ninety-nine preset positions allow you to view critical monitoring areas with the touch of a button. In addition, compliance with the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) specification guarantees compatibility with other network video products, regardless of manufacturer.

Surface, wall, recessed and pipe mount options, and an Outdoor Installation kit ensure the AutoDome Easy II IP fits nearly anywhere. The heavy-duty, tamper-resistant aluminum housing and rugged polycarbonate bubble protect the camera for constant operation, ensuring years of reliable operation even in tough environments.

For more information on the AutoDome Easy II IP, visit http://www.boschsecurity.us/en-us/autodomeeasyip.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Firmware 4.1 for IP Video Products

Firmware 4.1 makes our IP video products easier to install and operate. The firmware provides Universal Plug & Play functionality for automatic detection and configuration of cameras and encoders on Microsoft Windows PCs. In addition, support for Bilinx allows accessibility to Dinion and FlexiDome analog camera menus via the web browser of any connected VideoJet X Series or VIP X1600 encoder for easier setup and changes.

Firmware versions 4.0 and 4.1 make our IP video products fully compliant with the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) specification for device discovery, configuration and MJPEG support. This ensures standardized communication for interoperability between network video products from different vendors. Working with products that comply with the standard results in simplified installation and greater freedom in specifying a system.

And, Firmware 4.1 includes privacy masking with Bosch Dinion and FlexiDome cameras to enable sensitive areas in a scene, such as windows, to be grayed out to preserve privacy. If you use the Bosch Video over IP Lite Suite, you can also export images directly to a PC - now without additional licenses.

Firmware 4.1 is available for Bosch Dinion IP, FlexiDome IP, Extreme Series IP, AutoDome IP Series cameras, as well as VideoJet X encoders and VIP X1600 multi-channel encoders and decoders.