Monday, August 9, 2010

2TB Hard Drive Expansion Kit for the 700 Series

We've introduced a 2TB storage expansion kit for the Divar XF and the 700 Series Network and Hybrid Digital Recorders. The new kit allows you to increase the internal storage capacity of the recorders to up to 8TB.

With the systems’ H.264 compression and the storage expansion kit, the recorders meet more demanding requirements for image quality and retention times. For example, the Divar 700 Series Network Recorder, which supports 32 IP channels, can now hold up to 45 days of real-time, continuous 4CIF recording. The disks can also operate in RAID-4 configuration to prevent the loss of recorded data if a single hard disk should fail. This optional RAID configuration can be added by installing a low-cost software license to any Divar XF or 700 Series Recorder.

The new storage expansion kit contains a 2TB hard disk, mounting screws, an Electrostatic Discharge wrist band and a quick installation guide. The addition of the new kit brings the total number of hard-drive expansion kits for the 700 Series to three, including the 500GB and 1TB options previously available.

The kits support the latest version of Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology that warns you of impending drive failure while there is still time to take preventative action. This technology helps improve system reliability by significantly decreasing the possibility of data loss. As all drives are accessible from the front of the units, you can easily service the drives or add larger capacity disks without having to uninstall the recorders.

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