Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Storage Appliances for Simple and Affordable IP Video Management

The DLA 1200 and 1400 Series storage appliances record up to 64 or 128 channels of IP video recording. These intelligent devices eliminate the need for separate NVR server and storage hardware to reduce the total cost of ownership of an IP video system by as much as 45%.

The appliances offer storage capacity of up to 4TB for the DLA 1200 Series or 8TB for the DLA 1400 Series. Their low-maintenance embedded design combines NVR server capability with intelligent video storage to reduce possible points of failure in a system. Powered by Bosch Video Recording Manager software, they offer unique, reliable IP video storage solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses.

The DLA 1200 Series is housed in a compact, ultra-quiet tower chassis that features field-replaceable drives. It supports up to 32 IP video devices and offers the option to scale to up to 64 channels. If you have 16 cameras or less, you can add free Bosch Video Client (BVC) software for a low cost IP video management solution that supports both standard definition and high definition cameras. BVC camera add-on licenses allow expansion of the system to 64 channels, and extra storage capacity can be created by combining several 1200 Series appliances.

The DLA 1400 Series supports the recording of up to 64 IP channels per appliance or up to 128 devices with an optional expansion license. It features hot-swappable, surveillance-rated drives and RAID-5 data protection to ensure maximum system uptime. Scalability up to 512 cameras is possible when using more than one 1400 Series in combination with Bosch Video Management System software.

Both the DLA 1200 Series and DLA 1400 Series IP video storage appliances are very simple to install, use and manage. Wizard-based set-up and centralized configuration reduce installation times by as much as 50%. Once connected to the network and powered up, the appliances are ready to begin recording straight out of the box.

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