Monday, January 31, 2011

Integrate Transaction Data and Video Recordings for Improved Security of Retail and Banking Applications

The ATM/POS Bridge enables you to integrate financial transaction data with our digital recorders. The Bridge links data from automated teller
machines or point of sale equipment, such as cash registers, to specific
surveillance images, helping to more quickly locate video of important transactions. The new device allows you to easily integrate our digital recorders into a wide range of critical banking and retail applications.

With the ATM/POS Bridge, equipment that generates ASCII data streams – such as barcode readers and access control devices – can now deliver the streams to a digital recorder or IP video management system. This integration allows you to quickly locate video recordings by intelligent search of the ASCII data.

The ATM/POS Bridge is simple to install. It communicates with digital
recorders and IP video management systems via a standard Ethernet connection, and a PC utility automatically detects the Bridge on the network. Each Bridge accepts up to four ATM/POS or other ASCII-type devices via RS-232, RS-485, or Ethernet connections and can be configured from any PC with a browser.

Supported digital recorders include the Divar 700 Series and DiBos digital
recorders, as well as the Recording Station and the Video Management
System IP software solutions from Bosch.

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