Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New High Definition Video Portfolio

We're launching an HD video portfolio complete with fixed and pan-tilt-zoom cameras, video management software, storage solutions, and monitors. This new portfolio takes image quality to the next level. With Bosch HD video from scene to screen, you can distinguish small features that are important for facial recognition and similar applications.

Our HD cameras – including the AutoDome pan-tilt-zoom family, the Dinion and FlexiDome series of day/night fixed cameras, and the IP Camera 200 Series for small businesses – provide 720p or 1080p resolution and offer Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) software to automatically process video signals and alert operators to potential security risks. The higher pixel densities captured by the HD cameras enables optimized performance of IVA with improved detection for loitering, line crossing and other potential threats.

Our intuitive software offerings allow security personnel to manage both HD and standard definition appliances seamlessly in the same system, providing ease of use for operators and allowing integrators to choose the appropriate imaging solution for each location in an application. For small systems, Bosch Video Client is provided free for up to 16 cameras and can be expanded to up to 64 channels with add-on licenses. The Bosch Video Management System is a comprehensive solution for large demanding deployments that integrates, manages and simplifies all surveillance functions and operations.

Our scalable recording solutions allow you to easily extend your security systems to support HD, keeping initial investment costs down and allowing for further expansion. You can add the Bosch Recording Station to simultaneously support HD and SD video sources. Video Recording Manager allows video to be sent directly to an iSCSI storage array without any intervening hardware or software. H.264 Main Profile compression reduces storage consumption by up to 50%, compared with MPEG-4, while ensuring every detail in the image is captured without any compromise in frame rate.

For viewing video, our professional HD LCD monitors automatically adapt to the input resolution of the incoming video signal, provide full HD resolution and support a 16:9 image format for improved situational awareness.

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