Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SecurityInfoWatch Article on the CSI Effect recently posted an article by Bosch's David Brent on the CSI Effect and how it is impacting our industry. Here's a quick excerpt:

The "CSI Effect," a very real phenomenon, is how the exaggerated portrayal of forensic science adversely affects jurors, criminals, and forensic science itself. Nested somewhere within forensic science now lies video surveillance, perceived as the magic bullet that solves hundreds of cases within minutes. By way of either mystical pixel magnification, or the likes of CBS' Criminal Minds' Penelope Garcia accessing any video system in the world and gathering the needed video within seconds, the recent portrayal of video surveillance has led to, in many cases, a very misinformed customer base with unrealistic expectations.

The CSI effect has also, in many ways, driven a change in our industry, as we see more movement from standard definition cameras, to megapixel and high definition cameras. The argument now rages on about what equipment to deploy so that you or your customer can be ready for that CSI moment.

The article then looks at a few of the factors in the deployment of surveillance systems that affect the quality of video and the ability of the user to find the video or evidence they need.

Read the article here:

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