Friday, March 11, 2011

200 Series HD Cameras - All-in-One Surveillance Systems

We've added two high definition (HD) cameras to our 200 Series of complete network surveillance systems – bringing 720p HD video into the realm of small businesses. The NBC-265-P camera comes complete with a varifocal lens, and the NDC-265-P dome camera features an auto-iris lens that adapts to different lighting conditions.

With excellent image quality and accurate color reproduction, the new progressive scan cameras provide the detail needed to distinguish fine features important for object recognition. The 200 Series HD cameras produce more pixels per target object to retain sharpness and clarity even when zoomed in. This capability makes it easier to monitor monetary transactions and keep track of small, high value items, such as jewelry. HD video also delivers increased situational awareness using a 16:9 image format that maximizes the field of view.

The 200 Series IP cameras, now including six models, are easy to install and operate. Each camera comes with a Secure Digital (SD) flash memory card for storing days of recorded video without a connected PC. No technical expertise is required to set-up the cameras. You simply insert the SD card, plug in the camera with a single cable, and viewing and recording starts immediately.

This all-in-one surveillance series can also be easily extended by connecting a video recorder or an iSCSI server. Efficient H.264 image compression reduces the requirements for storage by up to 30 percent compared to traditional surveillance technology, an important cost-saving feature.

With the included Bosch Video Client software, you can remotely view recorded video from up to 16 HD or standard definition cameras on a single PC monitor. The software makes it easy to display camera streams, archive video and locate specific events quickly using its Smart Search feature.

In addition, the IP Camera 200 Series provides built-in motion, tamper and audio detection that can trigger an action, such as setting off an alarm or increasing recording quality to capture more details in a scene. The two-way audio capability allows operators to communicate with visitors, employees or intruders via the camera.

Fully conformant with the latest Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) standard, the IP Camera 200 Series offers compatibility with other ONVIF surveillance products. This helps users save on future upgrade or migration costs.

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