Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Prepackaged and Lensed Cameras

The KBN and KBE Series Prepackaged Cameras and the LTC Lensed Cameras have been enhanced with our latest imaging and compression technology. These easy-to-install offerings provide you with a variety of camera choices in plug-and-play packages for indoor and outdoor applications.

Both the KBN and KBE Series packages and the LTC Series Lensed Cameras feature Dinion, DinionXF and Dinion 2X models. Dinion 2X models feature Bosch's 2X-Dynamic Technology with 20-bit processing - twice the power of conventional cameras - for unparalleled image quality in all lighting conditions. 2X-Dynamic and wide dynamic range sensors analyze images pixel-by-pixel and produce the most detailed view of scenes with difficult lighting.

All IP camera models offer quad-streaming with multiple H.264 encoding streams that provide high-resolution images at low bit rates as well as a simultaneous JPEG stream for flexibility in system design. The IP cameras also conform to the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) standard for seamless integration with video products from different vendors.

The KBN and KBE Series feature more than 50 IP and analog models. Each package includes a varifocal lens with adjusted back-focus, an Ethernet or coaxial cable and a power cable pre-wired into the housing. Indoor our outdoor housings are available, with outdoor models rated to IP 66 for protection against water ingress.

More than 30 IP and analog LTC Series Indoor Camera kits include a pre-assembled and adjustable varifocal lens and an optional wall mount bracket. You only need to connect the power supply and video cables to obtain superior picture performance in virtually all indoor applications.

For more information on the KBN and KBE Series Prepackaged Cameras, visit

For more information on the LTC Series Lensed Cameras, visit

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Free Video Client Software with all Bosch IP Cameras

Bosch Video Client (BVC) software is simple to install, easy to configure and intuitive to use. The software is delivered free-of-charge with all Bosch IP cameras and is ideal for installations of up to 64 IP channels, including retail stores and gas stations, among other applications.

BVC allows operators to view images from multiple cameras on a single PC monitor and easily archive video clips. It supports up to 16 IP cameras or encoder channels free of charge, while a license can be bought for additional channels up to a maximum of 64. The software can be installed on any recent Windows PC.

BVC displays live video from up to 20 standard definition and high definition cameras simultaneously, and allows control of pan-tilt-zoom cameras by clicking and dragging a mouse or by using the console. Favorite views can be defined and named by each user and are easily accessible, offering one-click display of related camera images in a user-defined layout. Electronic zoom assists in examining critical areas of live and recorded scenes more closely. And, in playback mode, BVC shows recordings of up to four cameras at once and allows searching for alarm and motion events, and exporting of relevant video footage.

A simple Configuration Manager Wizard takes users through set-up one step at a time. Cameras can be quickly configured for most common lighting conditions, while allowing individual settings to be adjusted to obtain optimized results for a specific scene.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

ISC West Recap

At ISC West, we delivered a powerful combination of new products, training and networking to give you the complete trade show experience.

Interactive Product Demonstration
We unveiled the largest, most interactive mobile product exhibit in the industry. The Bosch Safe & Sound Tour truck – featuring HD video, intrusion and fire detection, access control, critical communications and audio – is now on the road, hitting more than 50 cities across North America.

Visit for schedule updates and to register for listed stops.

Training Sessions
Bosch experts presented technology trends and solutions for video surveillance, intrusion detection, and mass notification during the show. More than 350 people filled up on valuable information in these sessions!

Evening Events
We think you rock, and we showed it with networking, food, drinks and entertainment. Customers jammed with our house band – the Magneatos – and showcased their impressive musical talents. Thanks to all who rocked out on stage!

"This was absolutely the coolest promotion that I've ever seen from an ISC West exhibitor!"
- Jam session guest drummer

Thursday, April 14, 2011

G Series Battery Calculator

Easily calculate the total minimum and recommended battery requirements for your G Series panel. Ideal for both fire and intrusion installations, the new G Series Battery Calculation Worksheet provides the recommended battery size for optimum performance.

The battery calculator works with all models of G Series panels and is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2003 and 2007 versions. Review the help section entitled "About this Calculator" to get started.

To download your G Series Battery Calculator, go to

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Unveiling the Industry's Biggest Exhibit Truck

We've launched the Safe & Sound security and audio tour – the largest, most interactive product exhibit truck in the industry. Featuring video surveillance, access control, intrusion and fire detection, critical communications, and audio systems, the mobile product display enables you to experience Bosch products in dynamic ways.

Measuring 53-feet long and 25-feet wide when parked, the double expandable trailer features 1,000 square feet of exhibition space. Inside the truck, over eight tons of product display equipment brings the tractor-trailer near the maximum legal weight and allows customers to:

-Explore our HD video portfolio – including fixed and PTZ cameras, video management software, and recording and storage platforms – as well as infrared and thermal imaging solutions

-Grasp the power of our new G Series Control Panels with the fastest processor in the industry

-Test the catch performance and false alarm immunity of Bosch intrusion detectors

-See live integration of a fire alarm control panel with voice evacuation and video surveillance

-Witness the complete facility security achieved when access control and video surveillance join forces

-Experience the leading-edge design and award-winning features of Bosch public address systems – new for the Americas

-Try the latest intercom and critical communications systems from RTS and Telex – trusted for their performance and reliability around the globe

-Demo the latest installed and portable sound systems from Electro-Voice – solutions for venues of all shapes and sizes

The first stop on the Safe & Sound Tour was ISC West – where more than 3,000 people visited the truck. From Las Vegas, the tour travels North America, making more than 50 stops across the region for a variety of customer demonstration and training events.

To see the first series of stops on the Safe & Sound Tour and to preview the interactive product demonstrations, visit