Thursday, April 21, 2011

Free Video Client Software with all Bosch IP Cameras

Bosch Video Client (BVC) software is simple to install, easy to configure and intuitive to use. The software is delivered free-of-charge with all Bosch IP cameras and is ideal for installations of up to 64 IP channels, including retail stores and gas stations, among other applications.

BVC allows operators to view images from multiple cameras on a single PC monitor and easily archive video clips. It supports up to 16 IP cameras or encoder channels free of charge, while a license can be bought for additional channels up to a maximum of 64. The software can be installed on any recent Windows PC.

BVC displays live video from up to 20 standard definition and high definition cameras simultaneously, and allows control of pan-tilt-zoom cameras by clicking and dragging a mouse or by using the console. Favorite views can be defined and named by each user and are easily accessible, offering one-click display of related camera images in a user-defined layout. Electronic zoom assists in examining critical areas of live and recorded scenes more closely. And, in playback mode, BVC shows recordings of up to four cameras at once and allows searching for alarm and motion events, and exporting of relevant video footage.

A simple Configuration Manager Wizard takes users through set-up one step at a time. Cameras can be quickly configured for most common lighting conditions, while allowing individual settings to be adjusted to obtain optimized results for a specific scene.

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