Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Prepackaged and Lensed Cameras

The KBN and KBE Series Prepackaged Cameras and the LTC Lensed Cameras have been enhanced with our latest imaging and compression technology. These easy-to-install offerings provide you with a variety of camera choices in plug-and-play packages for indoor and outdoor applications.

Both the KBN and KBE Series packages and the LTC Series Lensed Cameras feature Dinion, DinionXF and Dinion 2X models. Dinion 2X models feature Bosch's 2X-Dynamic Technology with 20-bit processing - twice the power of conventional cameras - for unparalleled image quality in all lighting conditions. 2X-Dynamic and wide dynamic range sensors analyze images pixel-by-pixel and produce the most detailed view of scenes with difficult lighting.

All IP camera models offer quad-streaming with multiple H.264 encoding streams that provide high-resolution images at low bit rates as well as a simultaneous JPEG stream for flexibility in system design. The IP cameras also conform to the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) standard for seamless integration with video products from different vendors.

The KBN and KBE Series feature more than 50 IP and analog models. Each package includes a varifocal lens with adjusted back-focus, an Ethernet or coaxial cable and a power cable pre-wired into the housing. Indoor our outdoor housings are available, with outdoor models rated to IP 66 for protection against water ingress.

More than 30 IP and analog LTC Series Indoor Camera kits include a pre-assembled and adjustable varifocal lens and an optional wall mount bracket. You only need to connect the power supply and video cables to obtain superior picture performance in virtually all indoor applications.

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