Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ada County Highway District uses AutoDome IP Cameras

As highlighted in Traffic Technology International, the Ada County (Iowa) Highway District is using AutoDome 500i IP cameras on all new ITS projects.

"After a great deal of review and field testing, ACHD selected the Bosch Series 500 IP camera to be installed on all new ITS projects."

AutoDome cameras are designed with the latest National Transportation Communications ITS Protocol (NTCIP). The NTCIP is an open, non-proprietary, standard that establishes communication rules for how ITS devices can perform, connect, and exchange data to ensure interoperability. The use of the NTCIP standard provides transportation agencies with confidence that components from different manufacturers will work together, without removing the incentive for designers and manufacturers to compete to provide products that are more efficient or offer more features.

In addition to being NTCIP compliant, AutoDome cameras are rated for winds of up to 150 mph and are NEMA TS2 electrical fast transients, surge immunity, and temperature/voltage variation compliant, meeting the demands in which ITS systems are deployed.

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