Tuesday, July 26, 2011

ITS-DX4020-G Product Overview

The ITS-DX4020-G enables Bosch control panels to support secure, supervised GSM/GPRS communications to Conettix central station equipment.

A new video provides an overview of the contents that come with the ITS-DX4020-G. View the video here - http://ow.ly/5NPEe.

Learn more about the ITS-DX4020-G at http://ow.ly/5NPVo

Monday, July 25, 2011

Microsoft Case Study on our Direct-to-iSCSI Recording Approach

Microsoft is promoting our direct-to-iSCSI recording approach in the case studies section of their Web site, as we use Windows Storage Server 2008 virtual disk arrays. Microsoft likes that the Bosch solution cuts deployment time by half and decreases implementation costs by 45 percent.

Read the whole story at http://ow.ly/5MELP.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Dinion Infrared Imager Video

A new Dinion Infrared Imager video provides an overview of the product and demonstrates how to adjust the camera for maximum image quality. Watch it at http://ow.ly/5FGei.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

FlexiDome IP Cameras Cement Smooth Operation of Ready-Mix Concrete Plant

Rohrer's Quarry, Inc. delivers ready-mix concrete to customers surrounding Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The company needed a video surveillance solution to oversee operations at its ready-mix concrete plant, which features three 200-ton cement silos, six compartments containing a total of 340 tons of aggregate, and a 430-foot vertical curve conveyor. The video system was required to help the plant operator monitor several locations that are essential for proper mixing of concrete and for discharging it into awaiting trucks.

Eleven Bosch FlexiDome IP Day/Night cameras now stream video of the most critical points inside the plant - showing crisp images and a high-level of detail of areas where conveyor belts unload onto other belts and where the concrete contents are poured into the mixer. Outside the plant, cameras are positioned to view the location where concrete is discharged into the Quarry's 20- truck fleet of transit mixers. A camera installed on the roof of the building that houses the plant also provides surveillance of the surrounding property.

Due to conditions inside the plant, Rohrer's Quarry requested a durable and long-lasting surveillance system. FlexiDome cameras feature a clear polycarbonate dome bubble with a UV blocking anti-scratch coating and can operate in temperatures from 14 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit and in 20 to 80 percent relative humidity. The cameras are also IP54 and NEMA-3R rated against dust and water ingress, providing protection from conditions common within a concrete-mixing plant.

The cameras stream video for 24-hour observation to Bosch's VIDOS Video Management System, which is used by the operator to control cameras throughout the plant. Using the VIDOS Monitor Wall application, video from the cameras is displayed in real-time on two LCD flat panel monitors in the plant's central control room. From the control room, the plant operator and dispatcher can see trucks in the staging area waiting to be loaded and can keep track of vehicles that enter the Quarry.

The system allows staff to oversee areas where aggregate and sand are discharged onto the conveyor, a function important for smooth operation of the plant. It also helps the Quarry's dispatcher position trucks under the mixer's discharge chute, assuring greater accuracy when loading them.

"The cameras have been invaluable in what they allow us to see throughout the plant. They are a great tool in helping us do our jobs better and faster," explains Travis Rohrer, a co-owner of Rohrer's Quarry. "We required clear images from reliable cameras that can withstand the dust and heat within the plant. We found all of these qualities in the Bosch line."

Learn more about FlexiDome IP cameras at http://www.boschsecurity.us/en-us/Dinion_and_FlexiDome

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Active Infrared Imager Captures High-Quality Video in all Lighting Conditions

The Dinion Infrared Imager is a rugged camera designed for perimeter surveillance and other outdoor applications. With 2X-Dynamic Technology and Variable Field Illumination, the Dinion Infrared Imager consistently delivers high-quality video even in harshly lit or completely dark environments.

Available in analog and IP models, Dinion Infrared Imagers deliver up to 525 feet of detection level performance in low or no light. Designed to improve perimeter protection at critical sites – such as energy, transportation and defense applications – the imagers also achieve classification level surveillance up to 390 feet away at night, making them ideal for installation along a fence line.

The 2X-Dynamic Technology in the Dinion cameras provides 20-bit processing – twice the power of conventional cameras – and wide dynamic range sensors for unparalleled image quality in all lighting conditions. The cameras deliver excellent color reproduction and analyze unevenly-lit scenes pixel-by-pixel to produce the most detailed images, day and night. Infrared illumination compensation assures effective round-the-clock surveillance.

Variable Field Illumination provides maximum flexibility by allowing on-site adjustment of the infrared intensity and beam shape to match the coverage area, improving image quality in the dark and simplifying installation. The infrared panels can be tilted to fit your specific application, resulting in wide area coverage and reduced setup time. For increased control, you can also change the infrared intensity or turn the illumination on or off remotely.

Patented 3D Diffuser technology provides even illumination across the entire scene to eliminate hotspot foregrounds and underexposed backgrounds. Low-noise images reduce bandwidth and storage requirements and enable night-time function of video content analysis software.

Constant Light technology delivers a consistent level of imaging performance throughout the life of the product – even when operating in fluctuating temperatures. This advanced technology automatically controls and adjusts output to compensate for the degradation that naturally occurs with all LED illuminators. As a result, customers gain long-term reliability and performance.

Tri-streaming allows the Dinion IP Infrared Imager to produce high-quality H.264 images at full frame rate for live viewing and recording while concurrently sending JPEG images to a remote server or device.

Built-in iSCSI support enables the camera to send video directly to a network-attached iSCSI RAID array for storage, while Power over Ethernet Plus allows a single cable to power, control and stream images from the camera.

Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) enables the Dinion IP Infrared Imager to process video signals and automatically alert operators to potential threats. IVA allows the camera to autonomously detect suspicious behavior, such as loitering and line crossing, and notify security personnel of a potential or impending perimeter breach, among other risks.

A quick connect system between the camera and mount makes the Dinion Infrared Imager easy to install, and an integrated on screen display with remote capability provides a single interface for controlling both infrared and camera functions. In addition, conformance with the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) standard assures compatibility of the Dinion IP Infrared Imager with other network video products, regardless of manufacturer.

IP 67 and NEMA4X ratings ensure the imagers withstand a range of weather conditions and resist corrosion to provide years of dependable operation. The camera is tested to desert solar radiation conditions and functions in temperatures ranging from -40 to +122 degrees Fahrenheit. It can endure wind speeds up to 162 miles per hour.

For more information on the Dinion Infrared Imager, visit http://www.boschsecurity.us/en-us/ProductInformation/ExtremeSeries/DinionIRImager

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Explosion Protected Camera for Hazardous Locations

The Extreme Series Camera EX65 model Explosion Protected is a high-performance, affordable camera that holds international explosion protected certifications to provide safe surveillance for hazardous locations, including oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical facilities.

Designed for extreme environment operation, the Extreme Series Camera EX65 model’s electropolished 316L stainless steel construction protects the camera from corrosion by reducing the risk of imbedded contamination – making it ideal for offshore applications. The Extreme Series Camera EX65 model is also available in anodized aluminum for onshore environments, with both housings providing NEMA 4X and IP67 ratings to safeguard the equipment from harsh weather conditions. The camera can withstand temperatures from -58°F to 140°F with a heater that activates at low temperatures to resist ice build-up and a sunshield for reliable operation in the hottest desert settings.

Featuring powerful Dinion 2X Day/Night technology, the Extreme Series Camera EX65 model delivers uncompromising surveillance in all lighting conditions for these critical sites. Dinion 2X Day/Night cameras provide 20-bit image processing and an extended dynamic range to reveal more than is visible with the human eye alone. The cameras also feature Smart Backlight Compensation (BLC) to optimize light levels for objects of interest in areas with a bright background. Providing the most detailed view of scenes with difficult lighting helps you achieve accurate video verification, faster response times and safer facilities.

An available explosion protected infrared illuminator, supplied separately, further enhances around-the-clock surveillance by delivering clear images even in complete darkness. Bosch illuminators feature Constant Light technology to deliver a consistent level of lighting performance throughout the life of the product. Powered by a microprocessor, this advanced technology automatically controls and adjusts light output to compensate for the degradation that naturally occurs with all LED illuminators. In addition, 3D Diffuser technology provides even illumination across the entire scene, eliminating hotspots and underexposed backgrounds. Adding infrared illumination with the Extreme Series Camera EX65 model helps critical sites reduce costs by eliminating the need for conventional high-voltage lighting.

The Extreme Series Camera EX65 model has an integrated junction box, a one-piece design and multiple mounting options that make installation fast and easy. With support for Bilinx communication, the Extreme Series Camera EX65 model also allows you to remotely configure and control the camera without additional cabling.

For more information, visit http://www.boschsecurity.us/en-us/Markets/Hazardous/default.htm