Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Request-to-exit Detectors

We've introduced new enhancements to the popular DS150i and DS160 Request-to-exit Detectors to ensure their performance continues to exceed the rigorous demands of their applications. Improvements in the design of the products have resulted in a 40% increase in reliability—helping to reduce service calls once the detectors are installed.

The detectors also include built-in spike protection, which eliminates the need to add a separate module to prevent significant voltage spikes on the relay contact. This feature, along with the use of dip switches that make configuration easier and a new auto-sensing 12 to 24 volt voltage regulator, reduces installation complexity—improving efficiency in the field.

Sound output has also been increased through the implementation of a more effective sounder and circuit design. This allows you to increase the volume by more than 10% over previous models to fit individual needs and preferences.

The DS150i and DS160 devices detect motion in their coverage area and signal an access control system or door control device. They can be used with single or double doors and are wall or ceiling mountable.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

700 Series Hybrid Recorders Now Supported by Genetec

The 700 Series Hybrid Recorders are now supported by the latest versions of Genetec’s Omnicast 4.8 and the soon to be released Security Center 5.1. This integration allows you to view live and recorded standard definition video from the 700 Series recorders within the Omnicast and Security Center user interfaces. You can see live and recorded video, control pan-tilt-zoom cameras connected to the 700 Series, and manage video quality settings of live streams using Omnicast and Security Center.

Genetec is the first third-party VMS to support the 700 Series. The 700 Series H.264 digital recorders support up to 32 IP or 16 analog cameras. With real-time 4CIF recording, the recorders are ideal for applications where end users require a high level of detail in their surveillance images, including retail, banking, corrections, and transportation and commercial buildings.

The recorders also feature fully-automated device discovery and assignment, built-in set-up wizards and an embedded design to make system installation 50% faster than traditional PC-based video recording solutions.

They join a broad range of our IP products—including high definition cameras, video encoders and Intelligent Video Analysis software—that are supported by the Omnicast and Security Center platforms.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Free Webinar: Identify and Prevent Retail Fraud and Scams

December 6 at 1:00 pm ET

This webinar will help you identify, stop and even prevent common retail fraud affecting your store’s profitability. In this program, retail loss prevention expert Curtis Baillie, CSC, will spotlight some common frauds such as refund scams, product return scams, sweetheart deals and more – even some scams that are operated by store employees. He will examine the mechanics of such frauds and discuss how you can spot such scams when they occur in your store. Additionally, program sponsor Anixter will examine how technology systems, such as video surveillance tied to point-of-sale (POS) and exception reporting systems can make your job easier. This 1-hour seminar is especially geared toward retail loss prevention managers and LP agents, retail sales and operation managers, and retail security staff members.

Expect to learn about:

• The most common scams likely to perpetuated at your stores
• How to identify internal employee involvement
• Which existing reporting tools you can use to identify retail fraud
• How to take advantage of integrated video, POS and exception reporting systems to spot scams
• What information you might need to prosecute these scams

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Dinion and FlexiDome 720p HD Cameras with Installed Analytics

Dinion HD and FlexiDome HD 720p Day/Night IP cameras are now available with Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) pre-installed. The new models give you a choice between a fixed-body or dome camera with high definition IVA ready-to-go in a complete, plug-and-play system.

With IVA pre-installed, it is no longer necessary to buy separate licenses and go online to register and activate each IVA-equipped camera—reducing the installation effort. Intelligence embedded in the cameras also eliminates the need for servers to run analytics software—making our solution more cost-effective and easier to manage.

Ease-of-installation continues through the configuration phase, as the software provides simple set-up of detection criteria with a wizard-based graphical user interface. Working independently on each camera, IVA offers a wide variety of advanced detection functions including idle or removed objects, trajectory tracking and flow, line crossing, loitering, crowds and more.

Cameras equipped with IVA present a major asset to overall surveillance, supporting security personnel with a powerful and efficient event detection and alarm system. Events are flagged on-screen in real-time so that operators never miss suspicious activities. The comprehensive metadata captured by IVA can also be stored along with the video for later review with Forensic Search. This gives operators the power to find any event – even those not originally set up as alerts.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Series of AutoDome Cameras

We've introduced the next generation of our AutoDome Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera family. The new AutoDome 600 Series analog cameras and the AutoDome 700 Series IP cameras provide high resolution imaging in a range of scene conditions—including well-lit, harshly lit or low light environments.

The powerful AutoDome cameras feature 360-degree high-speed continuous rotation and 28x or 36x optical zoom to provide an increased monitoring range. High performance, progressive scan digital imaging delivers sharp video even when moving objects are present, and wide dynamic range technology captures all the important details in scenes with both bright and dark areas. A Sodium Vapor White Balance mode also enables the cameras to restore images of objects to their original color when affected by street or tunnel lamps.

The affordable 600 Series cameras offer built-in motion detection, advanced alarm control and the award-winning AutoTrack II, which continuously follows an object even if it passes behind a privacy mask. Our unique virtual masking technology enables the camera to ignore any extraneous motion, such as swaying trees, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The 700 Series IP cameras come with embedded Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) software already enabled. With this feature, the cameras process video signals and automatically alert operators to potential security risks. One AutoDome pan-tilt-zoom camera can analyze up to 10 different scenes for loitering, line crossing and other potential threats–providing reliable detection, tracking, analysis and advanced search capabilities.

The entire AutoDome series is designed to make installation easy. Pre-terminated, color-coded wiring and a quick connect system between the camera and mount make AutoDomes faster to install than other pan-tilt-zoom domes. AutoDome IP models also conform to the ONVIF standard (Open Network Video Interface Forum) to enable simplified integration with products from other manufacturers.

A rugged dome, the AutoDome features a heavy-duty, tamper-resistant aluminum housing that is rated to IP 66 to provide uncompromised functionality even in dusty and wet environments.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

FlexiDome IP Camera Now Available with 6 to 50 Millimeter Lens

We've launched another version of our popular high performance dome camera—the FlexiDome 2X Day/Night IP camera with a six to 50 millimeter lens. The new model is one of a few dome cameras to feature such a long telephoto lens, providing outstanding depth of field and keeping more of the scene in focus. You can easily recognize objects up close, such as a person walking through a doorway, and capture images of long indoor corridors or sidewalks alongside the exterior of a building.

The cameras feature 2X-Dynamic Technology with 20-bit processing—twice the power of conventional cameras—to deliver unparalleled image quality in all lighting conditions. The unique combination of 2X-Dynamic and wide dynamic range sensors enables the cameras to reveal more than is visible with the human eye alone—analyzing images pixel-by-pixel to produce the most detailed view of scenes with difficult lighting. An IR-corrected lens also ensures the camera is always in focus day and night.

With Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) pre-installed and activated, events are flagged onscreen so you never miss suspicious activities. IVA also captures comprehensive scene details that can be reviewed later using Forensic Search.

Along with many other advanced features, the new FlexiDome 2X Day/Night IP camera comes complete with convenient local video storage in the form of a microSD card slot. Accepting up to 32 GB SD cards, it acts as an extra safe-guard against loss of video in the event of a connection failure to the main recording site.

All FlexiDome cameras feature a compact, high-impact rated, vandal resistant housing. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, the cameras are also protected against water and dust to IP 66 or NEMA 4X standards. They provide a proven, dependable solution for many discreet security and surveillance requirements, day or night.

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