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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Recording Station Appliance Provides Easy Management of HD Video

The Recording Station Appliance is a versatile IP video solution that manages an entire surveillance infrastructure. The new appliance features an integrated design—combining a NVR server, storage array, client workstation and video management software—for a cost of ownership that is up to 45% lower than traditional PC-based recording solutions.

The appliance is simple to install, set-up and operate, requiring no certification or special training. Simply connect the Recording Station Appliance and IP cameras to the network, configure using the installation wizard, and the system begins recording automatically.

Built on a proven, reliable platform, the Recording Station Appliance is the ideal solution for distributed network environments with up to 64 IP cameras per location. With real-time recording of high definition, standard definition and Megapixel (MP) video sources at resolutions up to 3 MP, it provides superb image clarity and detail. High performance video management is combined with minimal storage costs through support for a variety of compression technologies, including H.264 Main Profile.

The Recording Station Appliance acts as a centralized remote management system, providing fast access to information from anywhere in the network, even over remote, low bandwidth WAN connections. Customers can use the included software or built-in web application to view video and manage digital recordings from various locations simultaneously.

The Recording Station Appliance also interfaces with a wide variety of security and building management systems from Bosch and other providers. The system easily integrates with fire and access panels, ATM and POS terminals, as well as license plate capture and video content analysis solutions.

Several features make the Recording Station Appliance ideal for installations that require higher levels of security. An automatic log-off with a configurable time interval of inactivity increases protection against unauthorized access. In addition, two different pre- and post-alarm recording times can be set for each camera, while audio can be configured by event.

The Recording Station Appliance is available as both stand-alone, all-in-one tower PCs and as rack-mounted server units, and comes pre-licensed for eight IP cameras. Target applications include banks, retail environments, schools, gas stations, and any installation spread over multiple locations.

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Blue Line Gen2 Detectors win Readers' Choice Award

Our Blue Line Gen2 Motion Detectors have won a 2011 Readers’ Choice Award from Security Products magazine.

According to the magazine,
“Every year, Security Products spotlights those products deemed most interesting and relevant to our readers. The 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards highlight a wide array of products from leading manufacturers in the security industry.”

Readers vote for products throughout the year by responding via the magazine’s reader service cards or on the web site.

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