Monday, January 30, 2012

Dinion HD 1080p camera wins GOOD DESIGN Award

For its outstanding design, the Dinion HD 1080p surveillance camera recently received a 2011 GOOD DESIGN Award in the category Protective Equipment. This prestigious prize, which is awarded annually by The Chicago Athenaeum and Design museum and the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies, is part of the oldest and world’s most recognized programs for design excellence. It attracts submissions from design firms and manufacturers from all over the world.

Olav Boiten, product manager at Bosch Security Systems says:
“When coming up with the new design, the objective was to express pure Bosch brand identity. The focus was great attention to detail and quality in order to successfully operate in the highest segments of the surveillance camera market.”
The new camera boasts a completely redesigned casing, providing enough space for the sophisticated high definition technology inside.

In the surveillance market, Dinion cameras by Bosch are widely known for best-in-class technology delivering uncompromising vision, ultra-high resolution images with excellent low light operation and color reproduction. The devices are particularly well suited for the surveillance of colorful settings with a high amount of activity, where attention to detail is crucial for safety and security. With its built-in HD-optimized Intelligent Video Analysis, the camera automatically flags critical situations on screen to assist the operator in monitoring a busy environment.

The outstanding quality of Bosch Security Systems Design has been repeatedly recognized by the GOOD DESIGN Awards in recent years. In 2010, Bosch scooped up an award for the CSS 900 Ultro Discussion System, and in 2009, the MIC Series 400 Stainless Steel Camera received the honor.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Bosch supplies security technology for sports stadiums in South America

It is crucial for every sports stadium to have accurately designed emergency plans and advanced safety measurements in place. At two major South American arenas, we recently demonstrated which precautions should be taken to enable trouble-free sports competitions on a large scale.

Malvinas Argentinas Stadium

To mark the completion of the Copa America in 2011, the Malvinas Argentinas Stadium was overhauled. Its renovation included an enhancement of amenities and facilities, as well as a major update of the stadium’s safety technology. A total of 17 cameras, including Dinion and FlexiDome cameras with Intelligent Video Analysis, were placed at entrances, corridors and training rooms.

The video surveillance system is integrated into the Center of Strategic Operations of the city of Mendoza. Angel Pitton, head of the department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the Ministry of Mendoza says:
“We are now able to control the access of people to the stadium, detect crimes or unusual situations in real time and, crucially, give logistical support to security personnel. The link to Mendoza’s emergency center not only ensures prompt police services, but also the support of fire-fighters and medical emergency personnel.”

Hernán Ramírez Villegas stadium

Being one of the chosen venues to host the FIFA U-20 World Cup 2011, the Hernán Ramírez Villegas stadium in Pereira, Colombia, assigned Bosch to support the adaptation and modernization of the entire stadium according to the FIFA’s strict technical recommendations. A newly installed system now allows video monitoring, public voice messaging and the reproduction of anthems as well as audio playbacks from the stadium’s large screens.

To capture detailed images at all times, AutoDome PTZ and Dinion cameras were installed throughout the venue. In addition to the cameras, 700 Series recorders were also implemented. Furthermore, an extensive audio system ensures clear emergency messaging and PA announcements and can also be used for music.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

PureTech Systems Integrates Bosch Thermal IP Camera

PureTech Systems, a provider of thermal video analytic software, has integrated its PureActiv wide area surveillance solution with our VOT-320 Thermal IP camera. The integration brings together PureTech's long range video analytic detection capability with our award winning thermal IP camera, which captures heat-radiating objects up to nearly 13,000 feet away. The combination proves to be a valuable tool for perimeter protection design, allowing for around-the-clock surveillance and detection. The solution provides not only accurate long range detection in conditions including precipitation, no light, smog, haze and sunrise/sunset, leveraging PureTech's video analytic capabilities; it also provides the ability to dynamically display the target's location on a map-enabled video management command and control.

The VOT-320 Thermal IP Camera uses advanced video processing technology for pixel-by-pixel analysis and noise reduction to provide the most detailed information from a scene. When combined with PureTech Systems' video analytics technology, you gain a unique security solution for early threat detection.

PureTech's intelligent video solution uses real object size to identify the target as a person, car, truck or boat and can be deployed on a server-based solution or an edge device, using new or existing VOT-320 Thermal IP cameras. You can utilize either the H.264 or JPEG video stream provided by the ONVIF conformant camera and can deploy on PureActiv's map based command and control or your existing PSIM / video management systems.

This integration is currently available and can be used for new or existing installations. Video footage of the PureActiv-VOT-320 Thermal IP camera integration can be viewed at and

Thursday, January 12, 2012

New G Series Control Panels

We've introduced enhanced versions of the G Series Control Panels – integrated solutions for intrusion, access control and fire alarm monitoring. The new GV4 panels offer support for more users, faster performance, and enhancements that enable easier installation and system upgrades.

With four times the number of users as previous G Series systems, the control panels provide simpler programming and operation. GV4 panels support the assignment of individual passcodes, key fobs or other credentials for up to 1,000 people for easier implementation of security measures and faster user identification. This important feature opens up new installation opportunities, as the panels are now suitable for an even wider range of applications.

The panels also incorporate a new microprocessor to improve customer interaction with the system. The microprocessor delivers faster keypad responses when operating the panel and integrating to other systems. Operating at 96MHz, it is the fastest processor in this class of control panels.

Multiple communicators, including the new Conettix B420 Ethernet Communication Module, allow for dual, simultaneous, wired IP and cellular communications to help meet a wide variety of customer requirements and to reduce costs. With the support of DNS for remote programming and central station communication—an industry first—GV4 simplifies IP alarm communication and helps automate disaster recovery.

For easy upgrades, flash firmware updates can now be accomplished remotely using our Remote Programming Software–eliminating costly site visits for feature enhancements, maintenance or upgrades to the control panels. Fast, on-site updates are made possible with a plug-in firmware update key.

Installation of the new G Series Panels with Inovonics wireless devices is made even easier with the new B820 Inovonics Interface Module. This module reduces the number of components required and eliminates the need for a dedicated configuration keypad.

A flexible family of control panels, the G Series meets the needs of virtually any facility configuration. They are ideal for retail stores, banks, manufacturing plants, office buildings, government locations and many other commercial applications.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Single Channel Encoder

The VIP X1 XF E is a standalone, single channel high-performance video encoder. It features DVD-like quality H.264 video, at up to 4CIF/30 images per second, over IP networks. This unit supports PAL and NTSC sources. The encoder provides basic motion+ detection and bidirectional audio communication in parallel to video.

The VIP X1 XF E provides two independent H.264 Main Profile streams. In addition to the two H.264 streams, the VIP X1 XF E supports one JPEG stream. It also allows controlling of cameras via RS-232/422/485.

- Single-channel H.264 encoder with dual streaming—able to generate two independently configurable video streams
- Extended operating temperature of 60°c
- Support M-JPEG
- Bidirectional audio communication
- 1 alarm input and 1 relay output
- Full ONVIF 1.02 support
- SD card and iSCSI recording
- Ultra-compact size
- Multicast and Internet streaming
- Wall mount kit included

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Monday, January 9, 2012

New Moving Camera for the Advantage Line

We've added the first moving camera to the Advantage Line. The VEZ-400 mini PTZ camera offers features more typically found in larger PTZ domes. Among these are a 26x optical zoom for an increased monitoring range and easier identification of objects and people.

The camera provides 360 degrees of rotation, 600 TVL high resolution imaging, and a wide dynamic range to capture all the important details in scenes with both bright and dark areas. Day/night functionality delivers round-the-clock performance for retail shops, schools and small-to mid-sized corporate offices, among other applications.

The VEZ-400 measures just 4.4 inches in diameter, making it less than half the size of traditional PTZ cameras as well as 20% smaller than most other minidomes. The compact size allows it to fit well into limited space and makes it ideal for discrete surveillance.

Available in charcoal or white, the camera is designed for indoor or outdoor applications. Its housing is rated to withstand the highest level of impact energy to protect the camera from vandalism, damage and theft. And, an IP 66 environmental rating and built-in heater ensure reliable operation in all conditions.

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