Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Next Generation MIC Series Cameras

We've introduced the latest version of our MIC Series ruggedized, high-speed pan-tilt-zoom cameras. The cameras now feature our standard AutoDome controller interface to make it easier to integrate the MIC Series into systems that already use Bosch surveillance products. The new controller also gives end users greater precision in their command of camera functions and optics.

MIC Series cameras capture high-resolution images in the harshest environments, including critical infrastructure, transportation and city center applications. The vandal and corrosion-resistant design includes an IP 68/NEMA 6P-rated aluminum casing with a long-life silicone wiper and reversible rain shield. The MIC Series 550 Day/Night and Infrared models provide uncompromised performance in the most challenging surveillance conditions.

The MIC Series cameras deliver 550 TVL resolution with 36x or 28x optical zoom for sharp images even at great distances. Their wide dynamic range easily adapts to changing light conditions, showing maximum detail in scenes with both bright and dark areas. And, a Sodium Vapor White Balance mode restores images of objects to their original color when affected by street or tunnel lamps.

The MIC Series 550 Infrared model features twin integrated, long-life LED infrared lamps that ensure clear illumination of the camera view up to 197 feet away in total darkness. The lamps are attached directly to the camera head to provide illumination exactly where it is needed.

All MIC Series cameras can be mounted upright, inverted or canted to
45 degrees, without the need for specialist tools and without compromising the IP rating. This capability simplifies project planning and provides increased installation flexibility.

For more information, visit http://www2.boschsecurity.us/videosolutions/series.aspx?series_id=7.

Monday, February 13, 2012

New App for Remote Control of G Series Panels

We've launched the Remote Security Control app for the newest member of the G Series Control Panel family. Using the app, you can control GV4 panels designed for integrated intrusion, access control and fire alarm monitoring with an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

Delivering additional flexibility and convenience for customers, Remote Security Control allows system arming and disarming as well as controlling any connected outputs—including thermostats, lights, garage doors, and more. You can lock, unlock, cycle or secure doors within GV4 systems that include access control.

Remote Security Control works with GV4 panels that use the new Conettix B420 Ethernet Communication Module for wired IP communications. Conettix IP offers a high-speed, secure path for communication that also reduces costs.

Remote Security Control is now available to download from the iTunes App Store. For more information, visit http://www.boschsecurity.us/RSControl.