Monday, June 4, 2012

Did You Miss our Free Webinar on Integrated Systems?

The archived version is now available. Here is a summary of what was covered:

There are many security and operational challenges in today’s environment that one solution simply cannot address. Software development kits and ONVIF make it easier for solution providers to integrate the latest available technologies. The benefit is offering innovative solutions, faster and shorter development, and implementation cycles using known technology, tools and standards.

The webinar explored how open systems address operational challenges and make it easy to manage security environments regardless of the system architecture. It addressed:

- What are the security challenges?
- Do interoperable integrated systems address security challenges?
- Trends that address operational effectiveness
- Leveraging new developments and technology tools important for your integrated solutions
- Examples of technology enablers
- The benefits of software development kits
- The Open Network Video Interface Forum's contribution and continual evolution
- Other integration standards
- Practical application of leading edge technology

Apply this knowledge to ensure you have a choice in the technologies used to address security challenges with integrated surveillance system design.

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