Wednesday, June 20, 2012

SecurityInfoWatch Article on Growth in Small IP Camera Installations has published an article on the growth expected for small IP camera installations - those with under 16 cameras. Editor-in-Chief Geoff Kohl includes our Advantage Line as well as the perspective of Willem Ryan in the article:

"Manufacturers have also smartly segmented their product lines in IP cameras, offering network camera varieties for high-end clients who need the fullest feature sets and also basic units for customers who need affordable options. Bosch is one such company that has pursued this strategy, introducing its 'Advantage Line' last year. It's aimed at smaller applications (typically defined as less than 16 cameras), and Ryan said the cameras start at a MSRP of $380. What's unique about the down-market move of technology is that the cameras are offered not only in standard definition but also megapixel resolution, and the cameras include basic video analytics and a basic video management solution -- both of which are elements that customers seeking security solutions would have expected to buy separately years ago."

Besides price drops for the technology (or equivalent pricing for more feature-rich and higher-resolution technology), camera experts say that there are other factors at work. Bosch's Willem Ryan notes that edge storage can reshape the cost model. 'The capacity to store sufficient amounts of data at the camera via SD card can help overcome the cost of a DVR in the analog and NVR in the IP world. Combined with free software like Bosch Video Client, this creates a very cost effective IP system for customers.'"


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