Monday, July 23, 2012

Integration of MIC Series cameras with MG Squared's Lowering System

MIC Series 550 high-speed PTZ cameras have been successfully integrated with MG Squared’s Lowering System—a device used frequently in intelligent transportation system and secure perimeter installations. The combination makes it even easier and safer to install and maintain pole-mounted MIC Series 550 cameras in these settings.

MIC Series cameras provide 550 TVL resolution with 36x or 28x optical zoom for sharp images even at great distances. The flat window with a long-life silicone wiper and optional washer system enables you to capture images that are free from distortion in dry and wet conditions.

Built to survive harsh environments, MIC Series cameras feature an IP 68/NEMA 6P-rated housing to ensure complete protection against dust and water ingress without the need for pressurization. And, for reliable operation in tough roadway applications, the cameras can withstand 130 mile per hour sustained winds and gusts up to 180 miles per hour, as well as shock and vibration up to 20g and 2.0g respectively.

With a Lowering System from MG Squared, MIC Series camera installation and maintenance can be performed on the ground by one technician, eliminating the need for bucket trucks, cone crews or lane closures. This provides tremendous cost savings as well as a more efficient and safer work process. It also frees design engineers from previous limitations on mounting heights, since pole and camera locations are no longer determined by where or how high a bucket truck can reach.  

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Yuri Ganga said...

Hi, i'm trying to mount a couple of cameras in a telecomand control, so I need a view in perspective from all the zone, the problem is, i don't know how to install there, do you have any recommendations for that? for example,is it safe if i put it in a piper of galvanizated steel? any idea could be pretty useful, thanks.

Bosch Security Systems said...

Hi Yuri,

Can you tell us where you are located? This way we can have the most appropriate person respond to your question. Alternatively, you could send your contact information to

Yuri Ganga said...

No problem, I'm from Chile, any help is useful, thanks...

Bosch Security Systems said...

My name is Marcos Menezes, and I work at Bosch Chile. Please send me your contact information so that my technical staff can better understand your needs and take out your doubts. If you prefer, you can contact us directly: +56 2 24055530 or Tks.