Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Meet our Newest Trainer

Chuck Salamone joined our customer training department in April. He spent the first eight years of his career at Bosch in technical support for our intrusion products. Due to his years in technical support, Chuck brings an extensive knowledge of Bosch intrusion products, along with real world experience, to his position. He has an AS in Business Administration and a BS in Business Management and Economics.

Favorite Customer Story: I remember teaching a GV4 Control Panel update class recently. I had a gentleman in my class that had been in the security industry and at the same company for 41 years! I remember feeling quite intimidated when he told me, since I haven’t even been on the planet that long. There was a point in the class where I taught the “Bosch Binary” method of addressing POPITs. To my astonishment, that same technician stood up in the middle of class and sincerely thanked me for teaching him something he never knew all the years he had been working with addressable POPIT modules. That was the best comment I have ever received and is something I am very proud of to this day.

Favorite Bosch Product: The Professional Series Motion Detectors. The innovation on these detectors blows me away!

Most rewarding aspect of job: Getting to know our customers face-to-face. And, I an able to contribute in making Bosch training the absolute best in the industry.

Tip for customers: You can find answers to many of our frequently asked questions by checking out our extensive Knowledgebase located on our technical support website.

Fun facts: I grew up around water and have had my boating certificate since I was 12-years-old. I like to do my own home improvements, and I enjoy sushi and spicy foods.

Family: Wife, Daughter, and two dogs: Codey and Pepper

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