Wednesday, October 3, 2012

FPA-1000-V2 Analog Addressable Fire Panel Adds Networking Capabilities

Connect multiple panels to monitor up to 2,000 addressable points in one system, an important requirement for larger commercial applications. The networkable panel is suitable for a wide range of environments, including retail centers, educational facilities and campuses, large residential buildings, commercial complexes, government sites, medical facilities, and more.

The panel supports networking via wired Ethernet, fiber optic or two- conductor wire. Mixed wiring types on one module allow multiple connection methods in the same network, providing flexibility in system design.

An advanced analog addressable control panel, the FPA-1000-V2 offers a Web-based approach for monitoring and maintaining the system and for generating reports. A set of interactive Web pages provide an instant means to access important system functions, including programming, status, history files, diagnostic tools and test data. This unique feature enables diagnostic capabilities while offsite, streamlining installation and reducing the time required for servicing the system.  

A dedicated blue LED indicator and a temporal four-pattern for signaling also notify users to the presence of carbon monoxide. This capability helps customers meet the regulation requirements for detection of this hazardous gas.

The FPA-1000-V2 is compatible with a range of pull stations, modules, accessories and detectors.

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