Monday, November 19, 2012

Bosch Video Client 1.4

Offers improved search and support for advanced features of Bosch IP cameras and for ONVIF conformant cameras.

With version 1.4, you can conduct forensic and event contextual searching for Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) and use the new automated tracking feature for AutoDome 700 and 800 Series Cameras. Intelligent Tracking uses AutoDome’s built-in IVA to constantly monitor scenes for motion and automatically track objects moving within the camera range. You can stipulate conditions that will instantly activate tracking or click on a moving target within live video to trigger tracking.

The software also adds support for the regions of interest feature for live and recorded video. This allows you to zoom in to a specific area of an image and transmit it in a separate stream, so both the overview and detail can be seen at the same time.

You can use dual monitors for easier viewing and assign live camera streams to cameos on the second monitor. BVC displays live video from up to 20 standard definition, HD or megapixel cameras simultaneously and features visual adaptive cameo tiles that dynamically change to support the HD 16:9 aspect ratio. Live camera streams can also be displayed on a monitor wall.

The software supports IP cameras from Bosch and ONVIF 1.02 profile S conformant cameras from other manufacturers when used with DLA Series IP Video Storage Appliances and the Video Streaming Gateway from Bosch. It is also compatible with a range of storage solutions to meet varying budget and retention needs. You can combine BVC with IP cameras from Bosch or edge devices with SD or Compact Flash (CF) cards for a very affordable IP video system. Other solutions include Recording Station, the 700 Series Recorders, DLA Series IP Video Storage Appliances, DiBos DVRs, and Video Recording Manager 2.30 which allows the use of DSA E-Series iSCSI Disk Arrays. You can also activate on demand recording to the local PC hard drive for easy export of video to any media, including network locations.

The Video Client software from Bosch is simple to install, easy to configure and intuitive to use. A simple Configuration Manager Wizard takes users through set-up one step at a time. Cameras can be quickly configured for most common lighting conditions, while allowing individual settings to be adjusted to obtain optimized results for a specific scene. Favorite views can be defined and named by each user and are easily accessible, offering one-click display of related camera images.

The software allows control of pan-tilt-zoom cameras with a mouse, console and with IntuiKey Series Keyboards simultaneously. Low bandwidth streaming with pan-tilt-zoom control has also been added to the new version.

BVC is delivered free-of-charge for up to 16 IP camera or encoder channels, while a license can be bought for additional channels up to a maximum of 128. It is ideal for small to medium surveillance applications, including retail, banking, transportation, and commercial buildings.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New DVR Storage Calculator for our Advantage Line System Builder

Just a few mouse clicks helps you find the best cameras, accessories, recording and storage devices for your projects. With this latest update, you can now calculate the storage requirements for your project directly from the System Builder Tool.

1)    Simply click on the Storage Calculator Link  
2)    The System Builder automatically populates the required number of cameras from    
 your input on the Cameras tab, or you can change the number here.
3)    Enter the number of recording hours per day.
4)    Enter the number of days you wish to store your recordings
5)    Select the recording resolution, quality, frame rate, and audio requirements from the  
 pull-down lists and the Storage Calculator estimates the amount of storage needed
 for your project.      

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