Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Video Shows MIC Series 550 Integrated with Auto Follow Software

This video shows how the MIC Series 550 automatically tracks a human in a parking lot when the camera is integrated with PureTech Systems’ Auto Follow software.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Indonesia seaport’s security and safety assured with Bosch

The company PT Pelabuhan Indonesia 1 specializes in handling containers for international and domestic transportation in many ports in Indonesia. Due to harsh seaside conditions amidst container cranes and hypermodern cranes, they require top-class security equipment to ensure the safety of employees. After screening many security providers, Bosch was selected for ourability to fulfill all of the requirements at the seaport in Medan.

Muhamad Natsir S. Sos, safety and security manager at Belawan International Container Terminal said: "During the rigorous selection process, Bosch Security Systems was found to have outperformed the others in terms of image quality of their video systems, and audio clarity of their public address system."

Installer PT. SensorLink Yumitaro Indonesia brought the following systems into the seaport: the Praesideo Digital Public Address and Emergency Sound System, Dinion and AutoDome cameras, and the Video Management System (BVMS). In the instance of an emergency evacuation, Praesideo, consisting of speakers and microphones, will project loud and clear announcements. To protect the pier, the Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA)-enabled cameras provide advanced detection functions ranging from head detection to trajectory tracking. In addition, the AutoDome cameras are vandal-resistant and weatherproof, enabling them to handle the seaside conditions.

Images captured by the cameras are processed by the BVMS which plays a crucial role in daily operations through the monitoring of all port activities. The cost-effective, integrated security systems also enhance overall productivity and quality of service at the ports.

The highly satisfied PT Pelabuhan Indonesia 1 has applauded Bosch for the products and plans to install more in the future.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

SecurityInfoWatch Article on Growth in Small IP Camera Installations

SecurityInfoWatch.com has published an article on the growth expected for small IP camera installations - those with under 16 cameras. Editor-in-Chief Geoff Kohl includes our Advantage Line as well as the perspective of Willem Ryan in the article:

"Manufacturers have also smartly segmented their product lines in IP cameras, offering network camera varieties for high-end clients who need the fullest feature sets and also basic units for customers who need affordable options. Bosch is one such company that has pursued this strategy, introducing its 'Advantage Line' last year. It's aimed at smaller applications (typically defined as less than 16 cameras), and Ryan said the cameras start at a MSRP of $380. What's unique about the down-market move of technology is that the cameras are offered not only in standard definition but also megapixel resolution, and the cameras include basic video analytics and a basic video management solution -- both of which are elements that customers seeking security solutions would have expected to buy separately years ago."

Besides price drops for the technology (or equivalent pricing for more feature-rich and higher-resolution technology), camera experts say that there are other factors at work. Bosch's Willem Ryan notes that edge storage can reshape the cost model. 'The capacity to store sufficient amounts of data at the camera via SD card can help overcome the cost of a DVR in the analog and NVR in the IP world. Combined with free software like Bosch Video Client, this creates a very cost effective IP system for customers.'"

Read more at http://ow.ly/bHXzO

Monday, June 11, 2012

Bosch products installed in prestigious Thailand university

Internationally known and recognized for the high caliber of research and teaching by its faculty, and for its outstanding achievements, the well-reputed Mahidol University recently added a new building consisting of classrooms, seminar rooms, a library, a meeting hall, and an auditorium that accommodates an audience of 200.

The main challenge was to install a total security solution consisting of a professional communication system as well as a comprehensive security system. After discussion among the consultants, designers, and the university management, it was decided that Bosch provided the best solution to this challenge. The project was awarded to Bosch based on the quality of products as well as the dedicated service provided by Bosch dealers.

Electro-Voice products were installed in the auditorium and seminar rooms. As the rooms accommodate large audiences, it is essential that the system can project clearly across vast areas. The auditorium was equipped with Bosch professional equipment which could match the university’s standards and meet its requirements to cater for various events. Conference systems were also installed in the seminar rooms and meet the demands of both conferences and meetings.

To monitor the ongoing activities of the university and ensure safety of all students and staff, Bosch video systems were installed. Video surveillance cameras were placed in classrooms, the library entrance and the meeting hall. In addition, the Bosch Video Management System is used to operate all cameras.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dinion HD 1080p camera receives prestigious red dot award

For its elaborate and innovative product design, the Dinion HD 1080p Day/Night surveillance camera has been honored with the red dot award. This is one of the world’s largest and most renowned design competitions, which this year attracted more than 14,000 submissions from 58 countries—4,515 products alone in the product design category. Following the announcement of the prizes, the award-winning products are put on display in the red dot design museum and bear the coveted red dot logo for the remainder of their life cycles.

The winning design boasts a completely new casing to accommodate the sophisticated, HD-optimized technology inside. The Dinion HD 1080p is recognized for its best-in-class digital imaging technology, resulting in high resolution images even under challenging lighting conditions.

The camera uses the latest CMOS-based HD sensor for a sharper, more detailed picture with a 16:9 image format. Multicasting, Internet streaming and iSCSI recording are all fully supported, while the built-in Intelligent Video Analysis assists operators in monitoring a busy environment with idle object, line crossing, flow detection, crowd detection and more.

The red dot recognition of the Dinion HD 1080p reflects our brand values of advanced technology and design. Together with their professional look and feel, the cameras are manufactured with the utmost attention to detail. The Dinion HD 1080p delivers the same standards of performance and reliability in any security and surveillance scenario, day or night.

The outstanding quality of our design has been repeatedly acknowledged by international award organizations. Last year, the Dinion HD 1080p scooped up the GOOD DESIGN award, one of the oldest and world’s most recognized programs for design excellence. Recently, the camera also won the MTP Gold Medal Award, one of the most prestigious prizes awarded by the organizers of trade fairs in Poland and central Europe.

For more information on the Dinion HD 1080p, visit http://www2.boschsecurity.us/videosolutions/series.aspx?series_id=14.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Warren Associates appointed sales representatives for our video product line

Warren Associates is now representing our video product line for the following territories: California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Northern Nevada, Utah and Wyoming. This change became effective on June 1, 2012.

With 35 years of experience, Warren Associates specializes in security, audio visual, and data communications products and offers its customers a wealth of industry knowledge and its partners a proven performance record. Working closely with our Western Region sales force, the Warren Associates team provides both sales and support resources to comprehensively service its customers’ needs and design the right solutions.

For more information on Warren Associates, visit http://www.warrenrep.com/

Did You Miss our Free Webinar on Integrated Systems?

The archived version is now available. Here is a summary of what was covered:

There are many security and operational challenges in today’s environment that one solution simply cannot address. Software development kits and ONVIF make it easier for solution providers to integrate the latest available technologies. The benefit is offering innovative solutions, faster and shorter development, and implementation cycles using known technology, tools and standards.

The webinar explored how open systems address operational challenges and make it easy to manage security environments regardless of the system architecture. It addressed:

- What are the security challenges?
- Do interoperable integrated systems address security challenges?
- Trends that address operational effectiveness
- Leveraging new developments and technology tools important for your integrated solutions
- Examples of technology enablers
- The benefits of software development kits
- The Open Network Video Interface Forum's contribution and continual evolution
- Other integration standards
- Practical application of leading edge technology

Apply this knowledge to ensure you have a choice in the technologies used to address security challenges with integrated surveillance system design.

Register for the archived webinar at http://ow.ly/b4xXE.

Friday, June 1, 2012

New High-Performance License Plate Imager for IP Video Surveillance

We've introduced the DINION capture for consistent, high-quality images of vehicle license plates at speeds up to 140 miles per hour. Using advanced optics, it obtains clear, legible plate images up to nearly 92 feet away even in dark conditions, enabling accurate vehicle identification. Available models include analog versions or IP imagers that feature ONVIF conformance for seamless integration with customers’ existing surveillance infrastructures.

The new imagers feature the Night Capture Imaging System, which delivers a burst of infrared illumination while simultaneously filtering out visible light. This technology ensures clear license plate images in complete darkness while also eliminating the negative effects of headlight glare. In addition, Advanced Ambient Compensation combines high-intensity pulsed infrared illumination, an ultra-fast shutter and automatic mode switching to minimize overexposure from sunlight as well as glare from headlights or taillights for more accurate automatic license plate recognition.

Up to six adjustable modes allow you to optimize the imager for capturing plates specific to the local region. This feature also allows for fine-tuning for specific license plate recognition algorithms or for configuring automatic mode changes in varying ambient light.

The new imager and optional attached overview camera both include Bosch DINION 20-bit processing for clear images even in low light and high-contrast settings. The overview day/night camera captures a wide view image to aid in vehicle make and model identification, delivering excellent color reproduction during the day and crisp monochrome images at night.

IP models integrate easily with our DVRs, the Bosch Video Management System and Bosch Video Client. Conformance with the latest ONVIF standard also ensures support by third-party video management systems.

The robust outdoor housing is IP 67/NEMA 4X rated, making it ideal for monitoring parking lots and public areas, as well as for access control.

Learn more about the DINION CAPTURE at http://ow.ly/bfkLQ.