Tuesday, February 5, 2013

B Series training courses

We have both instructor-led and online classes available. 

Classroom training courses have been scheduled through June. Check http://bit.ly/XJqkeP for dates and locations. 

For those who are experienced with our intrusion products, we also offer a shorter one-day class. Contact your local sales representative for more information on this option. 

Both courses will cover RPS installation, GV4 and B Series hardware and peripherals and include hands-on programming and troubleshooting exercises.

The elearning courses are pre-requisites for the classroom instruction. Here's what we have available. 
  • B Series/GV4 Basics -- an overview of the B Series and GV4 hardware, software, benefits, similarities and differences 
  • B Series/GV4 RPS Installation Basics 
  • B Series/GV4 Hardware Overview  
  • B Series/GV4 Programming Highlights  
  • Bosch Security System Basics -- an overview of security system components, terminology, and how the systems work
  • Zonex Products
Find the online learning courses at http://bit.ly/Rj3sCF

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