Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Free Webinar with ASIS: Video Surveillance in all Lighting Conditions

3/6 at 2:00pm ET 

Webinar Summary:
Whether you’re responsible for the security of a critical infrastructure site, corporate office park or government building, chances are there’s an area of your facility where lighting is less than ideal for video surveillance. Standard cameras can be challenged by vast dark spaces at energy or water processing plants, and by low light in warehouses, parking lots and other areas. This can obscure the details in your video streams and hamper threat detection.

Join this webinar to uncover ways to capture detailed video in any lighting condition. Learn how:
  • New sensor and image processing technology improves detail reproduction capabilities in low light conditions as well as in scenes with both bright and dark areas
  • Intelligence embedded in cameras can enhance the details of the most important objects in a scene while reducing bandwidth and storage consumption 
  • Active infrared illumination improves video quality and IP system performance for effective round-the-clock surveillance 
  • Thermal technology provides long-range threat detection along perimeters and in scenes where trees or bushes block the field of view 
Apply these essential tips to your surveillance system to improve your ability to assess risks, respond to events and secure important video evidence. 
The webinar will also be archived for a year on the ASIS website for those unable to attend the live event.



phoenix security systems said...

Nice one!

Hunter Babbidge said...

Hey, when is this?

Bosch Security Systems said...

The webinar happened in March, but you can watch the archived version by registering at http://bit.ly/XhCwBZ