Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Introducing the new star of the Bosch HD portfolio - starlight - the most light sensitive HD cameras on the market

With the development of our next generation of megapixel cameras, DINION starlight HD 720p and FLEXIDOME starlight HD 720p RD, we're introducing products specifically designed for high performance in extreme low-light conditions. They represent a breakthrough in light sensitivity in cameras; showing color images where others can show only monochrome, and transmitting monochrome video when others show no image at all.

HD security breakthrough
With their high sensitivity in both color (0.017 lux) and monochrome (0.0057 lux) modes, the HD cameras work with minimal ambient light, delivering clear images in a multitude of applications, even where poor lighting is the principle challenge. The 60 frames per second rate also helps capture fast-moving objects in traffic, gaming and other applications.

Breakthrough imaging
To overcome challenging lighting conditions, Content-Based Imaging Technology (CBIT) uses Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) to enhance image quality. CBIT automatically detects important objects—such as faces, people and vehicles—and dynamically re-tunes the imaging settings to ensure the most useful, highly-detailed video of objects of interest are captured. In addition, intelligent Auto Exposure (iAE) improves the contrast of important objects in the scene in both bright and dark areas.

Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction (iDNR) actively analyzes the contents of a scene to reduce bandwidth and storage requirements. As a result, the 720p starlight cameras require up to 30% less bandwidth than other 720p and SD cameras, while still retaining a high image quality and smooth motion. Compression parameters for up to eight user-definable regions can also be set. This allows uninteresting regions to be highly compressed, while tuning important areas for the best image quality—allowing you to allocate bandwidth to important parts of the scene.

Easy Installation
The cameras have a very intuitive user interface that allows fast and easy configuration. Automatic lens wizards make it simple for an installer to accurately zoom and focus the cameras for both day and night operation, and the Automatic Varifocal feature means that the zoom can be changed without opening the camera.

Bosch IP standard- and high-definition cameras, encoders and analytics work seamlessly with a wide range of security software and recording solutions from Bosch and other industry providers. Through ONVIF conformance, the open availability of Bosch video software development kits and a team dedicated to special integration and support projects, it is easy to manage Bosch video products within your system design. Visit ipp.boschsecurity.com for details on the Bosch Integration Partner Program.

Use everywhere
The unique FLEXIDOME starlight HD 720p RD is designed for demanding, outdoor applications. The rugged cast-aluminum enclosure can withstand the equivalent of 120 lbs of force, and the extended operating temperature range of the camera makes it ideal for any application. A choice of installation options includes flush, wall, and pipe mounting. The extensive range of factory-installed Super Resolution HD lenses covers a focal length range from 1.8mm ultra wide angle to a 40mm telephoto.

For more information on the new DINION starlight HD 720p and FLEXIDOME starlight HD 720p RD cameras, visit http://bit.ly/101EUhm.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Learn more about B Series - Winner of Best Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solution New Product Showcase Award

Our B Series Control Panels have won the Best in Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solutions award in the Security Industry Association’s 2013 New Product Showcase (NPS) program. This annual awards program recognizes innovative products and solutions in electronic physical security.

Designed to simplify installation and increase profits for dealers and integrators, B Series Control Panels are modern Internet appliances with built-in IP communication. They are the first intrusion control panels compatible with both IPv4 and IPv6, and they feature an on-board USB connection and plug-in communication modules for easy adoption of new technologies. Domain Name System (DNS) support for remote access and central station communications enables simple IP setup from the installer keypad menu or via our Remote Programming Software (RPS) without complicated programming tools.

Cellular text message notifications of events and the Remote Security Control app for the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch provide convenient monitoring and operating tools. Remote Security Control allows system arming and disarming and management of connected outputs.

A flexible family of control panels, the B Series includes two models that meet the needs of a wide variety of facility configurations. The B5512 supports 48 points of protection and four areas, while the B4512 monitors 28 points of protection and two areas. The series is ideal for retail stores, banks, office buildings, government locations, schools, and many other commercial and residential applications.

“Each year, the companies competing in SIA’s New Product Showcase at ISC West present the leading-edge security solutions that are shaping the industry,” said SIA CEO Don Erickson. “These new technologies and solutions are the drivers that are moving the security industry forward, and I congratulate Bosch Security Systems on their win at this year’s NPS.”

The NPS is held in conjunction with the ISC West International Security Conference & Exposition in Las Vegas—one of the largest gatherings of security industry professionals. NPS was established in 1979 to recognize innovative products, services and solutions in electronic physical security. Technologies showcased through this program are used in the protection of life and property in residential, commercial and institutional settings.

For more information on the B Series Control Panels, visit www2.boschsecurity.us/BSeries.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Check out our ISC West Virtual Exhibit

Can’t make it to the show? You can still see all that Bosch has to offer at our Virtual ISC West Exhibit.

·         Get details on new video and intrusion products being introduced
·         Learn how our IP video devices integrate with all major VMS providers
·         Explore our impressive new booth design
·         Tour the Get on Board product exhibit truck—all-new for 2013
·         See the crowd with live webcam streams from Bosch cameras on the show floor

And, check back often! Our virtual exhibit will be updated every day with videos highlighting new products from our team of experts, and more.