Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New 960H Microdome and Bullet Cameras

We've added the bullet 2000 AN, the bullet 4000 AN family, and the FLEXIDOME micro 1000 AN to our portfolio of analog cameras. These new 960H cameras capture more pixels per target object for a maximum sensor resolution of 720 TVL – the highest available for the PAL and NTSC standard. Ideal for capturing fine scene details, they are capable of producing video images with 30% higher resolution than previous generation analog sensors.

FLEXIDOME micro 1000 AN is ideal for indoor surveillance in well-lit daytime or fixed-lighting environments. The camera’s discreet microdome enclosure houses a 2.5 mm fixed wide-angle lens that enables object recognition at distances up to 35 feet. Digital wide dynamic range compensates for scenes with both bright and dark areas, such as where sunlight or window reflections are present.

The new bullet cameras feature vandal and water resistant IP66-rated designs that ensure reliable surveillance in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments.
  • bullet 2000 AN is a true day/night 3.6 mm fixed lens camera exclusively available through the Advantage Line by Bosch
  • bullet 4000 AN IR is available with either a 2.8 to 12 mm or 9 to 22 mm varifocal lens and integrated infrared LEDs that provide up to 200 feet of night vision
  • bullet 4000 AN WDR ensures the best image performance under high contrast lighting conditions and features 10 infrared LEDs that provide up to 330 feet of clear nighttime performance. Special LED lenses significantly improve the light performance at the sides and corners of the image
  • traffic 4000 AN IR is a license plate recognition camera that offers excellent resolution in low light conditions. This integrated IR camera provides up to 92 feet of night vision
The microdome and bullet cameras are easy to install and conform to our high quality and reliability standards, warranted for three-years and backed by our superior service and support offerings.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Bosch Engineer Recognized as an Important Inventor

Thousands of patents are registered every year at Bosch. In 2012 alone, the number reached 4,800 worldwide, and this year, The Bosch Group recognized 18 of the company’s inventors throughout history. William DiPoala, Principal Development Engineer – Sensors for Bosch Security Systems is included in this prestigious group of individuals alongside Robert Bosch and the inventor of the high-voltage magneto ignition system!

William DiPoala’s inventions have earned him 24 patents in the U.S. Most notably, DiPoala invented the technology that enables motion detectors to distinguish between people and animals. His other inventions include intrusion detectors equipped with microwave Doppler radar and infrared sensors.

“With more than nine percent of sales invested in research and development, Bosch has a very strong foundation for innovation,” said Falk Hermann, Vice President – Intrusion Systems Business Unit, Bosch Security Systems. “Bosch products are truly ‘Invented for life’ and William’s work has helped to improve security for home and business owners worldwide while decreasing false alarms—a major benefit for our customers and a significant step forward for our industry.”

Bosch detectors feature a variety of innovative technologies to deliver excellent catch performance while virtually eliminating false alarms. In addition, their self-locking, two piece enclosure, integrated bubble level and removable terminal strip in the base make installation easy,  reducing mounting time to mere seconds. With a broad portfolio of available models, including pet-friendly versions, Bosch detectors fit a wide range of application types and customer requirements.  

To learn more about Bosch detectors, click here
To see more inventors from The Bosch Group, click here

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New DINION and FLEXIDOME 960H Cameras

We've added the DINION 4000 AN and DINION 5000 AN and FLEXIDOME 5000 AN families to our portfolio of analog cameras. These new 960H cameras capture more pixels per target object for a maximum sensor resolution of 720 TVL – the highest available for the PAL and NTSC standard. Ideal for capturing fine scene details, they are capable of producing video images with 30% higher resolution than previous generation analog sensors.

DINION 4000 AN cameras offer excellent resolution in variable lighting conditions day or night. Backlight and highlight compensation features optimize image visibility in high-contrast areas, such as those with a bright background or with strong light sources. Depending on the available light, the true day/night model automatically switches from color to monochrome using a mechanical IR filter. In addition, all cameras in the DINION 4000 AN family feature digital noise reduction technology to produce crisper and clearer surveillance images.

DINION and FLEXIDOME 5000 AN day/night cameras deliver highly-accurate color reproduction even under harsh lighting conditions. Their wide dynamic range captures more detail in both highlights and shadows, and advanced processing technology analyzes each pixel to produce the best images of scenes with difficult lighting. In addition, Smart Backlight Compensation automatically optimizes light levels for objects of interest in scenes with a bright background.

DINION and FLEXIDOME 5000 AN cameras are also very easy to install with a lens wizard that ensures accurate back-focusing for sharp images at all times with no special tools or filters required. Multiple lens options provide a range of coverage options. In addition, six pre-programmed operating modes support common applications and are also fully programmable to produce the best image for the specific environment. Bilinx technology enables the technician to verify camera status, change settings and even update firmware over the video cable. Bilinx reduces service and installation time, provides for more accurate set-up and adjustments, and improves overall performance.

With a cast-aluminum, polycarbonate enclosure and hardened inner liner, FLEXIDOME 5000 AN cameras are IK10-rated to withstand the equivalent of 120 pounds of force. The cameras are protected against water and dust to IP66 and NEMA 4X standards, making them suitable for indoor or outdoor environments. A high efficiency power supply also improves operating temperature range to -22 to +131 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Monday, July 8, 2013

New AUTODOME 7000 Family with Intelligent Tracking Technology

We've introduced the AUTODOME 7000 family of PTZ cameras with intelligent features that are a major asset to security surveillance. AUTODOME 7000 outperforms other moving cameras to provide a powerful, automated monitoring system that ensures security risks are not missed.

Embedded IVA software automatically processes video signals and alerts operators to security risks. A single AUTODOME PTZ camera can analyze up to 10 different scenes for loitering, line crossing and other criteria. Customizable to address your specific concerns, IVA enables earlier threat detection and improved overall security.

Our unique Intelligent Tracking technology uses advanced flow detection algorithms to monitor scenes for motion and to automatically track objects.  You can define conditions that will instantly activate tracking—such as a vehicle moving through an area in a specific direction. Operators can also trigger tracking by clicking on a moving target within live video to prompt the camera to keep it in the scene. The camera dynamically re-tunes zoom settings to capture the most useful, highly-detailed images of objects of interest as they move through the camera’s field of view.

AUTODOME 7000 family sets a new benchmark for intelligent tracking algorithms, as it resumes following a target after it passes behind a privacy mask or if it is temporarily concealed by a stationary object—even when swaying trees or other background noise is present. AUTODOME continuously tracks the target when it reappears or if motion is detected along the same trajectory—ensuring activities are always captured.

AUTODOME 7000 brings imaging to the next level with improved sharpness, more accurate color reproduction, and more detailed low-light images. The standard definition IP camera offers 28x or 36x zoom, and the HD camera delivers 1080p resolution, 30 images per second (IPS) and 20x zoom. The HD camera also supports high-speed 720p resolution at 60 IPS for capturing fine details of fast-moving objects in traffic and city surveillance, gaming centers, toll plazas, gas stations and similar applications.

Designed using our latest firmware release CPP4, the camera supports quad-streaming to perform live monitoring and recording using up to four independently-configurable streams. While you can record and monitor in HD resolution, the camera can also deliver reduced resolutions for bandwidth-friendly remote viewing. The new firmware provides a common software platform for many of our IP camera models, making it easier to install and maintain Bosch systems.

The cameras also support edge recording in combination with central storage for dependable performance. With up to two terabytes of storage via SDXC or 32 gigabytes with SDHC, the cards can be used for short-term or local alarm recording.

AUTODOME 7000 is simple to use and install. It comes with five pre-configured settings for capturing optimal image quality in the most common applications and 256 preset positions for viewing critical monitoring areas at the touch of a button. Pre-terminated, color-coded wiring and a quick-connect system between the camera and mount make AUTODOMES faster and simpler to install than other PTZ domes. And, a fiber optic kit includes a unique media converter module installed directly into the power supply box.

Our IP standard- and high-definition cameras, encoders and analytics work seamlessly with a wide range of security software and recording solutions from Bosch and other video management system providers. This is backed by ONVIF conformance and the Integration Partner Program, which gives developers immediate access to software development tools to easily integrate our products with third-party systems.

AUTODOME 7000 family includes indoor and outdoor dome cameras with an extended operating temperature range of -40 to +131 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 to +55 degrees Celsius). Their tamper-resistant aluminum housing is rated to IP66 and NEMA4X for uncompromised functionality even in most dusty or wet environments—ensuring years of reliable performance. In addition, AUTODOME’s power supply design supports simultaneous use of 24VAC and High Power over Ethernet (HPoE) for continuous coverage. If one power source fails, the other takes over seamlessly without going through a reboot cycle.

The new cameras will replace the AutoDome 800 HD and AutoDome 700 IP cameras and add an option for an in-ceiling HD dome camera to the line. For more information, visit

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Did you miss our webinar on IP video for small-to-mid-sized systems? The archived version is now available.

View the webinar at -

Webinar Summary
With declining prices and rapid technology advancement, IP video surveillance is experiencing remarkable growth. The possibilities for system design are nearly endless with a wide range of available HD cameras and numerous options for recording, viewing and managing video—including access via mobile devices.
Looking for advice on ways to design systems that will meet the specific needs and requirements of the end user? This webinar provides tips for putting together IP video systems for a range of sizes and complexity. It covers:
  • Combining IP cameras with on-board storage and free viewing software for simple, affordable surveillance
  • Using mobile devices for high resolution video playback within limited bandwidth connections
  • Choosing plug and play video management with appliances that feature a complete “system-in-a-box” design
  • Recording video direct to iSCSI storage to eliminate the need for network video recorders

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Need help? Our video systems phone-based tech support has hold times less than a minute

Getting you the answers you need when you need them! Over the last three years, we’ve made a number of improvements to our technical support offerings—all with the goal of getting you the information you need quickly and in the way that works best for you.

·         Our global technical support database has articles, tips and solutions for common support requests. It’s available online or can be downloaded to a laptop -
·         Video tutorials walk you through set-up and programming of common products -
·         Our technical support portal has product documentation, online tools, FAQs and more -
·         Our expanded tech support team provides more rapid handling of phone-based support requests

By making technical information easily accessible, we’re able to address your needs faster. In fact, our phone-based technical support for our video systems portfolio has been experiencing its lowest hold times ever—less than one minute!

Tell us how these improvements have helped you. Email us at or post a comment here.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Bosch + Milestone Systems: Committed to Deeper Integration

Bosch and Milestone Systems have worked together over the years to ensure seamless integration of Bosch IP video devices with XProtect® IP Video Management Software. Now the companies have committed to a more strategic partnership to drive an even deeper level of integration that goes beyond basic functionality.

Previously, Milestone Systems supported tamper and motion detection, H.264 compression and multi-streaming from Bosch IP video devices. Now mutual customers are able to access more unique features with a new dedicated driver for Bosch IP devices, available with the XProtect Device Pack 6.8. The driver will support edge storage and Bosch’s embedded Intelligent Video Analysis offering for advanced notification of potential security risks, as well as other features.
“We have dedicated resources working to ensure customers can access our latest technology innovations within the software platforms from Milestone Systems—a premium level Bosch partner,” said Rudolf Spielberger, Head of the Integration Partner Program at Bosch. “This will enable integrators and consultants to meet a wider range of customers’ surveillance requirements using products from Bosch and Milestone.”
As part of the strategic partnership, Bosch and Milestone Systems will continuously collaborate as the companies’ respective product lines continue to evolve, offering even more possibilities for customers.
“Milestone is excited to be in the top tier of the new Bosch Integration Partner Program, which leverages our open platform approach to IP video surveillance. Customers will reap the rewards from the much stronger integration of the entire Bosch portfolio of cameras with our flexible video management software,” stated Christian Bohn, VP Corporate Marketing and Alliances, Milestone Systems.
Demonstrating the commitment of the two companies to create a deeper level of integration, in North America, Bosch featured a dedicated Milestone Systems station inside the Bosch booth at ISC West 2013. Milestone Systems is also featured in Bosch’s all-new product exhibit truck, which has started its 2013 nationwide tour across the United States.
“At ISC West in Las Vegas, customers saw demonstrations of the current state of our integration with Milestone Systems,” said Brad Eck, Integration Manager for Bosch in North America. “As more features are supported within Milestone’s products, customers will be able to see the results of our strategic partnership and experience first-hand the power of our joint solutions.”
The goal is to bring this interoperable solution to customers across the globe. In EMEA and Asia, Bosch and Milestone have partnered on numerous integration events to show the combined solution to the industry. This includes the recent IFSEC trade show in the UK and Milestone Open Platform Partner events (MPOPs) around Europe.

For updates on the supported features of Bosch devices by the software offerings from Milestone Systems, visit the Integration Partner Program portal at or