Monday, July 1, 2013

Bosch + Milestone Systems: Committed to Deeper Integration

Bosch and Milestone Systems have worked together over the years to ensure seamless integration of Bosch IP video devices with XProtect® IP Video Management Software. Now the companies have committed to a more strategic partnership to drive an even deeper level of integration that goes beyond basic functionality.

Previously, Milestone Systems supported tamper and motion detection, H.264 compression and multi-streaming from Bosch IP video devices. Now mutual customers are able to access more unique features with a new dedicated driver for Bosch IP devices, available with the XProtect Device Pack 6.8. The driver will support edge storage and Bosch’s embedded Intelligent Video Analysis offering for advanced notification of potential security risks, as well as other features.
“We have dedicated resources working to ensure customers can access our latest technology innovations within the software platforms from Milestone Systems—a premium level Bosch partner,” said Rudolf Spielberger, Head of the Integration Partner Program at Bosch. “This will enable integrators and consultants to meet a wider range of customers’ surveillance requirements using products from Bosch and Milestone.”
As part of the strategic partnership, Bosch and Milestone Systems will continuously collaborate as the companies’ respective product lines continue to evolve, offering even more possibilities for customers.
“Milestone is excited to be in the top tier of the new Bosch Integration Partner Program, which leverages our open platform approach to IP video surveillance. Customers will reap the rewards from the much stronger integration of the entire Bosch portfolio of cameras with our flexible video management software,” stated Christian Bohn, VP Corporate Marketing and Alliances, Milestone Systems.
Demonstrating the commitment of the two companies to create a deeper level of integration, in North America, Bosch featured a dedicated Milestone Systems station inside the Bosch booth at ISC West 2013. Milestone Systems is also featured in Bosch’s all-new product exhibit truck, which has started its 2013 nationwide tour across the United States.
“At ISC West in Las Vegas, customers saw demonstrations of the current state of our integration with Milestone Systems,” said Brad Eck, Integration Manager for Bosch in North America. “As more features are supported within Milestone’s products, customers will be able to see the results of our strategic partnership and experience first-hand the power of our joint solutions.”
The goal is to bring this interoperable solution to customers across the globe. In EMEA and Asia, Bosch and Milestone have partnered on numerous integration events to show the combined solution to the industry. This includes the recent IFSEC trade show in the UK and Milestone Open Platform Partner events (MPOPs) around Europe.

For updates on the supported features of Bosch devices by the software offerings from Milestone Systems, visit the Integration Partner Program portal at or

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