Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Did you miss our webinar on IP video for small-to-mid-sized systems? The archived version is now available.

View the webinar at -

Webinar Summary
With declining prices and rapid technology advancement, IP video surveillance is experiencing remarkable growth. The possibilities for system design are nearly endless with a wide range of available HD cameras and numerous options for recording, viewing and managing video—including access via mobile devices.
Looking for advice on ways to design systems that will meet the specific needs and requirements of the end user? This webinar provides tips for putting together IP video systems for a range of sizes and complexity. It covers:
  • Combining IP cameras with on-board storage and free viewing software for simple, affordable surveillance
  • Using mobile devices for high resolution video playback within limited bandwidth connections
  • Choosing plug and play video management with appliances that feature a complete “system-in-a-box” design
  • Recording video direct to iSCSI storage to eliminate the need for network video recorders

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